Album Information

Album Name: I’m Ready 我愛我

Release Date: December 2011

Track List

1. 我愛我
02. 逞强
03. 愛不離手
04. 受够了
05. 剪刀嘴
06. 100分的吻
07. 回不去了嗎?
08. 愛情的微光
09. 餘温
10. 鬆鬆

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

ELVA HSIAO 蕭亞軒 expands on her ever-changing image in her latest album with a grounded approach to her music. The first track <我愛我> has so many elements which fit together very well.  The track plays with electronic elements with different types of sounds and creates a track bursting with electricity and is a refreshing take on the popularised electronic sounds of Western music which are usually banal and repetitive. Her second track, <愛不離手> shows off Elva’s rapping abilities, and the lyrics present an interesting point of view that has meaning in today’s modern society. The song explains the connection between technology and the relationships that we have with others; specifically, our loved ones and partners.  In this world, where communication has become so important, Elva shows that the invention of iphones and whatnot is actually of more than a superficial use to today’s society.  Throughout the album, Elva uses many interesting vocal techniques which really make a difference to every song. One of my favourites is <愛情微光>, which, although coming from one of Taiwan’s ballad queens, has a very different and raw edge to it. Another track to check out would be chart-topper <逞强>. A great effort by Elva, who was part of the choreography process for some songs, and also the production and vocal arrangement of parts of the album.