Album Information

Album Name: Sticky 黏黏黏黏

Release Date: May 2011

Track List

01. 想你想你 Thinking, Thinking Of You
02. 愛太空 Love Is Too Empty
03. 陪我到以後 Stay With Me Til The Future
04. 黏黏黏黏 Sticky
05. 摇滚吧姑娘 Rock On, Young Lady
06. 不哭 Don’t Cry
07. 自行浪漫 Self-Created Romance
08. 下一首的我 The Next Chapter Of Me
09. 一直幸福 Always Happy Always happy
10. 愛的ATM Love’s ATM

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

CYNDI WANG 王心凌’s new album is said to show a totally different side to the adorable Cyndi we know and love.  Cyndi’s light and beautiful voice shines through again in her new album . 2011 has brought many new challenges for Cyndi, in that she has tried her hand at writing songs, and has written the first single for the album, <黏黏黏黏 Sticky>, showing that she has interesting ideas, and a possible future in more collaborations and input in her future albums. Overall the album still has a sweet tone to it,  but also has a more varied range. Should also check out chart-toppers such as <愛太空 Love Is Too Empty> and <陪我到以后 Stay With Me Til The Future>, featuring dance king Show Luo.