Album Information

Album Name: Another She 陪著我的時候想著她

Release Date: August 2011

Track List

01. 陪著我的時候想著她 When With Me Thinking Of Her
02. 愛情模樣 Love’s Image
03. 下一個奇蹟 The Next Miracle
04. 軟綿綿 Soft and Cuddly
05. 往未來飛的客機 The Plane Flying Towards The Future
06. 本來 Originally
07. 又是艷陽天 Another Sunny Day
08. 算不算 Does It Count?
09. 靜電 Static Electricity
10. 離開 Leave

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

CLAIRE GUO 郭靜 releases her 5th album, this time with a less innocent approach to her music. Known for her soulful ballads, this time around Claire tries out many new genres and also injects a happier feel into this album. Don’t let the name of the album fool you; this album is more upbeat than her previous releases, and I also applaud her trying out new genres of music in her collaboration with songwriter WILLIAM WEI 韋禮安 in <又是艷陽天 Another Sunny Day> which follows the style of William’s previous works, as well as RnB throughout the album. She plays with a more retro overtone to this album, shown especially through <愛情模樣 Love’s Image>. This album is a representation of advancement in Claire’s repetoire of musical ability, and shows how she is able to manage different genres skilfully. She also collaborates with her friend and lyricist in <靜電 Static Electricity> in which she pens the lyrics. She also plays around with a little more grounded approach to her music in <軟綿綿 Soft and Cuddly>, composed by WILLIAM WEI 韋禮安, where the Guitar riffs are an element which changes the tone of the otherwise cutesy song.