Album Information

Album Name: 2 Be Different

Release Date: October 2011

Track List

01. 陷阱
02. 愛危險
03. 聽我說
04. 把傷心打碎
05. 傻傻地
06. Brand New Day
07. Come On
08. 釋懷
09. 我想要迷路
10. 朋友

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

CINDY YEN 袁詠琳, known for her hit duet with JAY CHOU 周杰倫 which not only showed off her voice but also her skills as a songwriter. Her second album aims to show everyone what it means to be different, and expresses her own views on this theme. After the great success of her first album, I am looking forward to hearing what amazing works she comes up with next! One of the mottos which Cindy believes in is a famous quote by Coco Chanel: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” This album has more of a broadway feel to it, much different from her previous works. Cindy expresses that this album is not aimed at showing her fans the real her, but instead a different her, and that it is more than acceptable to be different. Most of the tracks have a very RnB/Soul feel to it, and give off a feel which is very much suited for this album. The first track <陷阱>has a more electronic feel to it, much like other songs trending in today’s society, nonetheless it is extremely catchy and well produced with a large dose of theatrical broadway. The track < 把傷心打碎 > has lyrics which are simple yet meaningful and show off her wide vocal range with her vocals going into the so-called “dolphin range”. <傻傻地> is a cutesy track which show Cindy’s playful side and one of my favourites is <我想要迷路>, which has lyrics written by Lara 梁心頤. However, the songs nearing the end start to sound like songs from her previous album and so don’t pack as much of a punch towards the end of the album. One is able to tell how much effort Cindy has put into the making of this album; all the melodies were written by her with lyrical input from LARA VERONIN 梁心頤, Megan Lai and notable lyricist Vincent Fang as well as others; however maybe a little less effort in terms of voice technique would have made the album a little more listenable. I still look forward to her future releases as i feel that she is an extremely talented artist! Go Cindy!