Album Information

Album Name: Love and Fan Fan

Release Date: March 2011

Track List

01. 蜂蜜 Honey
02. 最重要的決定 Most Important Decision
03. 雙雙 Change Change
04. 左上角的心跳 The Left Corner’s Heartbeat
05. 壞了良心 Conscience Gone Bad
06. 暮光 Twilight
07. 我不愛了 I’m Not Going To Love Anymore
08. 勇敢的唱 Bravely Sing
09. 小王子 Little Prince
10. 從小到大 From Young Til Maturity

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Christine Fan’s latest album has been released just in time, to coincide with her wedding to long-time boyfriend Blackie Chen, also celebrating her 10th year in the music industry.  This album is full of the ideals that this talented singer-songwriter has. Chart-topper <最重要的决定 The Most Important Decision>, although not written by Fan Fan herself, does seem to have special connotations to her wedding to Blackie, as the MV features clips of her in a wedding dress. Her sultry vocals compliment the light atmosphere of the song, and has very meaningful lyrics. The first track on the album <蜂蜜 Honey> not only seems to associate itself with Fan Fan’s relationship with Blackie, it also features a very significant Jazzzy tone to it, which suits her very well. <怀了良心 Conscience Gone Bad> is a reflection on society’s ideologies encased in tongue-twisting lyrics, while showing a more hardcore rock side to the album.  Also keep an eye out for songs written by Fan Fan herself, <变变 Change Change> & <左上角的心跳 The Left Corner’s Heartbeat> bringing out a more whimsical side to the album.  Fan Fan has also enlisted the help of talented singer-songwriter Biung 王宏恩 to write tracks on the album, such as the interestingly tribal ballad <勇敢的唱 Bravely Sing>. Also watch out for another popular track , <暮光 Twilight>.