Album Information

Album Name: Opposition 作對

Release Date: August 2012

Track List

01. 作對 Oppose
02. 我是一個騙子 I Am A Liar
03. 公主 _ _ Princess _ _
04. 目送 Watched
05. 無所謂 Whatever
06. 喔!是嗎? Oh! Is It?
07. 接招 Take
08. 溤什么 What Are You Ma*-ing About?
09. 一個人看海 One Person Watching The Sea
10. 簿公英 British Republic
*Ma is a type of colloquial slang

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

The one-man orchestra that has garnered collectively over 10 millions views by straddling a piano and a guzheng and playing them simultaneously, as well as playing a violin all in the space of one song has garnered much attention for her in the past year.  I’m very excited for her debut album and hope that her voice will amaze me as much as her other various musical talents. SHARA LIN 林逸欣 has shown her creative talent in other aspects within this album, through her extensive input especially with writing lyrics of many tracks within this album. However, her voice did not amaze me, and the songs still lack a little something. I hope that she can grow not just as a musician, but as a performer and develop her talents and her creativity to produce music which is truly her.