Album Information

Album Name: What Love Songs Didn’t Tell You 情歌沒有告訴你

Release Date: December 2010

Track List

02. 情歌沒有告诉你
03. 給還沒遇見的你
04. 你會不會
06. 我就知道那是愛
07. 一家一
08. 如果冰箱會說話
09. 直覺
10. 慢慢來比較快

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

The Queen of love songs has released yet another album, with an image which is totally different from any of her previous albums! With themes of dark purple and a new cropped cut, it is a refreshing look from the usually fresh faced artist. Her new album fails to disappoint, with a theme of <What Love Songs Don’t Tell You>. Including new and old tracks, to a normal listener like me, all are different and unique. Especially tracks such as the popular < 情歌沒有告诉你 > which shows off her vocals, always fresh and unique, as well as the country-infused <我就知道那是愛> which has a foot-tapping beat which will get you up and dancing.  <一家一> was produced by Fish herself, and written and sang with her good friend Z-Chen, a piece that is easy to listen to. Once you listen to this album, it will have you listening again and again!