Album Information

Album Name: Super Hot

Release Date: September 2010

Track List

01. 太热 Too Hot
02. Sexy Girl
03. 心疼你的心疼 Pains For Your Pain
04. 繼續愛 Continue Loving
05. 很安静 Very Quiet
06. 守护心 Guardian Heart
07. 活得跟像我 Live More Like Me
08. 误会 Misunderstanding
09. 泰山程式 Tarzan Experience
10. 新生 Rebirth

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Fahrenheit’s highly anticipated 4th album is here, with the theme “Super Hot”, in relation to their band name, Fahrenheit, a measurement of temperature.  With a new image, the boyband consisting of Jiro, Wuzun, Calvin and Aaron have changed their image and started to mature as a band. Songs in their album such as <Sexy Girl> are well put to use on the dance floor with grinding beats and fast rhythms, while <心疼你的心疼 Pains For Your Pain> consists of an eclectic mix of instrumental and hip hop music, as well as an easy to like melody, proving it to be a chart topper. It also features more ballads in which the group harmonize well, such as <误会 Misunderstanding> and <守护心 Guardian Heart>