Opening with coy, pensive guitar finger-picking, Asian-Australian producer Yeo returns with his first single of 2022, “NEVER MISS,” promising yet another uniquely subversive take on the personal battles we all face.

Often digging into the darkest of topics yet owning them with his self-deprecating sense of wit, “NEVER MISS” is no exception, and shows Yeo’s growth both as a person and a musician.

On the song, the singer-songwriter quips:

“NEVER MISS is about having the self-confidence to face criticism, knowing you can’t please everybody. It’s an amalgam of feelings inspired by a range of situations I’ve witnessed involving work, romantic relationships, my sporting life, my friends and my family. I really wanted to revisit my beloved process of lo-fi storytelling and apply a mature pop twist.”

Beginning with layered guitars and heated percussion, the song is a slow burn in revealing the story and dynamic production elements.
Rather than amping up the volume, Yeo goes the opposite direction, muddying the once-clear guitars and beats into this heavy, grungy pull that sucks us in before spitting us out once again.
Singing “take a front row seat while you burn me/I can take the heat now”, Yeo clearly knows what he’s doing to us with this lo-fi fiery bop.
Combining the heat of Banx & Ranx, the wonky lo-fi of kindness and sensuality of Majid Jordan, “NEVER MISS” is a masterpiece of introspection that will have you hitting play again, and again, and again.
The accompanying visuals to “NEVER MISS” is the final in Yeo’s cooking series of his favourite Malaysian-inspired comfort dishes. Following up U IN?’s Char Siu and OBSESSION’s Tauhu Telur, Yeo prepares and serves up a whole Steamed Fish to the instrumentation of “NEVER MISS.” 
Previous singles “U IN?,” “OBSESSION,” “TIRED” and “NEVER MISS” will appear on Yeo’s upcoming body of work “TIRED, NO MORE” due for release this 2022. 

Follow Yeo on all socials at @snackswithyeo, and listen to ‘NEVER MISS’ on all streaming platforms, out now.