By Jocelle Koh

Singapore-based music journalism and awards platform Freshmusic SG have this year embarked on an even more ambitious pull for their yearly awards ceremony; this year inviting over 30 music industry professionals (including Asian Pop Weekly) to participate in the judging festivities.

Opening up the awards this year also to Southeast Asian and any Chinese heritage acts, big winners this year were Sandy Lam and Eli Hsieh, who took home awards for Best Female and Male Singer respectively. Both also had works that made it into the top ten album and singles of the year.


Check out the full winners’ list below:

Best Album of the Year 年度最佳專輯:
《0》 Sandy Lam 林憶蓮

Top Ten Albums of the Year 年度10大專輯:
《0》Sandy Lam 林憶蓮
《Alice 愛麗絲》Eli Hsieh 謝震廷
《Fade to Exist 垂直活著 水平留戀著》Eve Ai 艾怡良
《In Other Words 換句話說》HUSH
《Nothing Is Under Control》Yoyo Sham 岑寧兒
《Ugly Beauty》Jolin Tsai 蔡依林
《Cassa Nova 半熟王子》Sunset Rollercoaster 落日飛車
《Refining Clouds 煉雲 原聲帶》Anpu 安溥
《Liu Ting Zhuo 劉庭佐》John Stoniae 知更
《Pán 盤》Prairie WWWW 落差草原WWWW

Top Song of the Year 年度金曲:
〈Forever Young〉Eve Ai 艾怡良 

Top Ten Singles 年度10大單曲:
〈Forever Young〉Eve Ai 艾怡良
〈Waves Wandering 浪流連〉Eggplantegg 茄子蛋
〈All The People We Love 我所深愛的人們〉Tizzy Bac
〈Tears 小星星〉Eli Hsieh 謝震廷
〈Us 我們〉Eason Chan 陳奕迅
〈Fibres 纖維〉Sandy Lam 林憶蓮
〈Don’t Cry Don’t Cry〉Waa Wei 魏如萱
〈A Note To My Fifty-Year Old Self 給五十歲自己的備忘錄〉Ardor Huang 流氓阿德
〈Missing You To The Moon And Stars 披星戴月的想你〉Accusefive 告五人
〈Kites/Clouds 風箏/白雲〉John Stoniae 知更

Most Improved 年度大躍進: Shi Shi 孫盛希《Shi’s Journey 希遊記》
Best EP 最佳EP: Deca Joins 《Go Slow》
Best New Group 最佳新團體: Bisiugroup 美秀集團 《King Of Light電火王》
Best Newcomer 最佳新人: ØZI 《ØZI The Album》
Best Vocal Group 最佳演唱組合: O-KAI Singers 歐開合唱團 《Some People Say 南方靈魂》
Best Band 最佳樂團: Tizzy Bac 《Him 知人》
Best Male Singer 最佳男演唱人: Eli Hsieh 謝震廷 《Where Are We Going? 愛麗絲》
Best Female Singer 最佳女演唱人: Sandy Lam 林憶蓮 《0》

Watch the Awards Presentation Here: