By : C.P Ching

The 29th Golden Melody Awards and Ceremony returns on Saturday June 23rd, and will be held at the Taipei Arena.

Organizers recently unveiled the visual components featured in this year’s festivities. This year’s concept revolves around the theme of “Repetition”.

Chief Director Yen Po-Chun, mentioned that in additional to their primary poster, the GMA have exclusively created eight additional posters; each uniquely featuring a prominent artist in today’s Mandarin music scene.

​The list includes J. Sheon 街巷Starr Chen 陳星翰, AnnaEric Chou 周興哲Yeemao 夜貓組, Fang Wu 吳汶芳 , No Party for Cao Dong 草東沒有派對  and PoeTeK 熊仔.

The idea behind this concept is to showcase the diverse and unique characteristics of this new generation of musicians in Mando-pop music.  

Numerous events including the international forum, business exchange sessions, new talent presentation will be  hosted around the festivities between June 20th and June 22nd.

The live walk of fame will be broadcasted at 5 pm on the 23rd along with the ceremony which will embark at 7pm on TTV main channel.

Stay tuned for more updated news related to the event and festivities in the near future.