By Jocelle Koh

Taiwanese-Canadian popster BAER is back with her unabashedly tongue-in-cheek brand of pop as seen in her latest single ‘Needy Bih‘.

A shortened form of the word ‘Needy Bitch’, BAER got the inspiration for the song when her boyfriend made her promise not to continuously text him while he was away spending time with family over the Christmas holidays.

Branded with BAER’s signature ‘Made in Taiwan’ audio at the beginning of the track, being needy has never sounded as good as it does in this track, which BAER describes as an “anthem for all the princesses around the world”.

“Even when we already have it all, trust that we will always need MORE!” is the theme of the song, a relentless flow of synths, beats against BAER’s sugary sweet vocals and honest lyrical style.

“Needy Bih” is now out on all major streaming platforms, check out BAER’s pages on Facebook and Instagram for more information.