By Jocelle and Tiffany

Singaporean songstress Olivia Ong has announced her return to the stage after an extended hiatus with new concert Heart to Heart 花言心語, which is taking place at Singapore’s Capitol Theatre on the 22nd of October.

Heart to Heart 花言心語 Concert Visuals

Getting her start with her stunning bossa nova renditions, Olivia captured hearts across the region as she made a name for herself with her uniquely mellow vocals, first in Japan and then in the Greater China region with her original works.

It’s been a minute since we’ve last heard from Olivia; her last full album was back in 2013. But her soothing voice and charming stage presence have never been far from our thoughts, and we’re ecstatic to witness her back in the saddle.

Olivia Ong looks forward to sharing her music with her audiences!

Named “花言心語 Heart to Heart,” the concert is built around the theme of flowers, which have different scents, feelings, and memories attached to them. Ong will bring a fresh interpretation of her classic repertoire that is sure to remind us of many ‘heart to heart’ moments. Moreover, there will be a sweet surprise Olivia can’t wait to reveal to her fans!

The tickets quickly sold out as fans have long anticipated Olivia’s return to the stage. The audiences know they will be entering an evening filled with warmth and positivity radiated from Ong’s soothing vocals!

Just like the Gerbera flower held in her hands, Olivia hopes to fill the night with peace, comfort, and brightness. The singer is ready to perform her music in ways that evoke the best memories for her audiences.

If you were one of the lucky ones who have secured a ticket, be prepared to embark on an intimate Heart to Heart journey with Olivia Ong. She is sure to deliver an astonishing performance that will be remembered for many years to come.

Stay tuned for an upcoming live review!