By Jocelle Koh

The sweet-faced Rachel Liang who has kept notoriously tight-lipped about her romantic life has finally come clean, going through her record company Universal music Taiwan to announce that they will be getting married in April 2016.

The singer who is rumoured to have met fiancee Amos Zhang through their church will be holding her traditional registration ceremony in Kaohsiung on the 2nd and the wedding banquet itself on the 9th, a day after Liang’s birthday.

Taking stunning wedding pictures including playful shots of Liang and Zhang in traditional Aboriginal garb, Rachel looked beautiful in her traditional dress from the Lukai tribe which was passed on to her by her sister who also was married in the same dress.

The headdress and all weighed over 5kg, with Rachel jokingly saying “This is what they call a sweet sacrifice”. A sweet sacrifice indeed!

Rachel, who become in popular after placing runner-up in Taiwanese singing competition One Million Stars in 2008 is an Aboriginal Taiwanese, with heritage from the Taiwanese Lukai and Amis tribes. Her Fiancee Zhang has his roots in the Amis tribe, and is pictured wearing traditional Amis tribe garments.

The couple, who are proud of their Aboriginal heritage will be closely adhering to the traditions of their cultures, with Zhang saying that for the wedding day he will be renting 8 wedding cars and 14 types of gifts to win over the blessings of Liang’s elders.

Lang herself has been greatly influenced by her heritage, and in her most latest album recorded her version of the song “The maiden of Lukai”, in respect towards her culture.

For the wedding, the sweet pair have ordered 300 boxes of Ooh La Love cookies to be given to guests, with a short message as below:

“Thank you! For the care and lessons, I am getting married! I hope to use this small gift to share my heartfelt thanks and happiness with you. In the future I will continue to sing, sharing the beauty of life through my music. I hope even more that you will continue being my peers on this musical journey, and will continue to be an unforgettable person at any one part of my life”

How sweet! I certainly wish the maiden of Lukai the utmost happiness that she deserves!