By Jocelle Koh

Third-culture kid Takkin 德堅 has set his creative axis onto another trajectory with his debut single ‘Stay Together‘; released both with English and Mandarin versions.

The young creative who borrowed his stage name from his father has always moved around; spending his childhood in Singapore, Hong Kong, Rochester and Michigan. Now based in NYC, music has always been his grounding force; something that is clearly evident in the uniquely chilled and layered atmosphere he’s created within his new single ‘Stay Together‘.

“It’s accessible, and it has a pulse that many can identify with: a positive message heralding the value of longevity in relationship. Things can be fixed. Nothing is beyond repair. It showcases the movement of the narrative and highlights the unique vocal delivery. It’s my flag in the ground; my way of saying: I’m here to stay.“

Previously releasing with a three-piece folk band Northern, Takkin turned his focus onto his own cultural identity and exploring it through his music when a dear member of the band moved away. Of the change in direction, Takkin says:

“Creating music influenced by my own heritage has been an exciting change. There’s a stir of new energy in the air, in the ground. The world is opening up to Asian artists, especially more so in the United States. People are eager for new faces, new interpretations, new formulas. I feel the pulse. I’m here to answer the call.”

With the vocals of a learned crooner (very Eric Chou styles) and melodic hooks which subtly catch your attention and reel you in, ‘Stay Together‘ is a sensitive, beautifully haunting R&B/Soul piece which you won’t soon forget.

Listen to Takkin’s new single ‘Stay Together’, now out on all major streaming platforms including SpotifyApple Music, and Soundcloud. Follow Takkin on all his social medias (FacebookInstagram)  to stay tuned for his upcoming regular releases!