By Jocelle Koh

After the post-rock band’s last song “Thanks for Saying Goodbye”, the story has taken an interesting twist with Goose我鳥’s new single “San Tao”.

With fresh, juicy riffs that seem to ripen at the anticipation of new beginnings, the lyrics tell a whole different story altogether.

The song tells the story of ex-lovers who have parted ways sadly and dramatically; closing a door on this chapter of their lives-only for it to be reopened again immediately after a sick joke which is very telling of Goose’s quirky sense of humour.

Nevertheless, the juxtaposition of the sweet, light arrangement and jaunty melody against the unfortunate events outlined in the lyrics is refreshing to hear, just as the bitterness of the peach skin allow one to enjoy the sweetness of its flesh even more.

The lesson in all of this, according to Goose, is that there is more to life than just romantic relationships. Such as spending time with friends, family, and beloved pets. True that!

Listen to Gooseband’s music on bandcamp here.