By Jocelle Koh

Young up-and-coming singer and model Gillian Fung a.k.a Gilly Boy makes her powerful debut into the music industry with first single ‘Blue For You‘.

Inspired to start making music by one of the global music industry’s finest upstarts Billie Eilish, Hong Kong-based model and artist Gilly Boy started writing music at the age of 16 , citing music as a safe space where she could balance the positive against the negative; yin against the yang.

Fung shows a surprising depth and maturity beyond her young years in her debut single ‘Blue For You‘, which is a stunning display of lyricism and inner strength. On the track she sings: “you cut the rope/and maybe we’re just better off letting go/maybe I’m just better on my own“, surrounded by pensive keys with an introspective melody buoyed on by Fung’s melancholic vocals.

With beats by LA producer Killian Cruiser and a strings arrangement which drives the ups and downs of the song, the song truly feels like a safe space or vacuum within which the singer can present her most vulnerable side whilst being in control of how she tells her story.

Abstract, mysterious, but at the same time pure and emotional, Gilly Boy wears her heart on her sleeve whilst embracing the fluidity of her voice and sound; allowing her to explore the possibilities widely and deeply.

Listen to Gilly Boy’s latest single below, and follow her on Instagram for more updates on her intriguing brand of pop. ‘Blue for You’ MV releasing soon, watch this space!