By Jocelle Koh
Supplementary press information supplied by Violet Lens

When it’s time for us to leave this world behind, many of us wonder about how would we like to be remembered. But even fewer think about in what way they would like to be commemorated; namely how they would like their funerals to play out.

Yet Taiwanese indie band Violet Lens, quirky as always wrote a song about this very question after an off-the-cuff discussion with friends on how they’d plan each other’s funerals.

The conversation quickly turned to how fashionable funerals could be, rather than the normal doom-and-gloom affair.

Pews full of family and friends, people paying their last respects; here the aisle is no longer perceived as the well-trodden path of a death march, but instead a glorious catwalk of celebration.

“Everyone had these outlandish ideas, but what I wanted most was for my friends to remember me by singing karaoke to all the songs I love” explains Anna, the lead singer of the quirky band. Hence, the line “On the day I pass, you’ll sing the songs I love”.

With larrikin guitars and upbeat, atmospheric drums, whilst on first listen the tune may be in line with Violet Lens’ usual blend of Americana/Taiwanese indie, the lyrics belie a decidedly more morbid, but also meaningful back story.

A celebration of life in the best way possible, Violet Lens puts their unique spin on a moment often shoved under the rug and shied away from. Here, Anna sings loud and proud about the important people in her life, and how she hopes they celebrate her when the day eventually comes.

Life is short. What better day than now to listen to this song, and to have that conversation?

Listen to the song below: