By Jocelle Koh

After dropping a couple appetite-teasing singles this year, the Mulan of rap Vava aka Mao Yan Qi 毛衍七 releases her latest self-titled album ‘Mao Yan Qi 毛衍七‘.

Full of her signature fiery hard-hitting rhymes and unabashedly feminine perspectives, the ten tracks on the record reprise Vava’s unique style while serving as a record of her personal growth over the last two years.

Including previous singles ‘QUEEN IS BACK‘ and ‘RAINBOW‘ which see Vava diversifying into different genres and styles and also showing a more tender side to herself, this album is a testament to the artist’s growth as one of the most promising Chinese female rappers on the scene. 

​Vava’s album ‘Mao Yan Qi’ is now available on all major streaming platforms.