By Jocelle Koh

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter-producer Khalil Fong has recently announced his biggest project to date-the opening of an independent music and visual arts label called FU MUSIC.

Given Fong’s personal heritage which sees him identifying with both Eastern and Western cultures, he’s decided to use FU MUSIC as a means to “bring a multicultural experience to the scene by fusing together Chinese and Western influences, while adhering to the highest of production values”.

Fong labels FU MUSIC as a new platform to help nurture and develop like-minded artists and talents, in order to create infinite potential for creativity and innovation. 

He’s started his company off by launching a Fringebacker Crowdfunding campaign introducing the concept of their unique East-West artistic experience to audiences, while also using it to raise funds for the campaign.

Fans are able to purchase from a range of wares created by Khalil and his team, including digital thank you cards, humorous ringtones featuring Khalil himself, the usual mugs, T-shirts, all the way up to procuring a VIP Table at FU  MUSIC’s official launch.

The campaign has amassed considerable success since its debut, clocking in over $37,000USD raised by almost 2000 backers.

As a passionate supporter of Asian representation in the media as well as harnessing a vested interest in riding the gaps between Eastern and Western cultures, I’m all for this campaign! Are you?