Photo by Yao Tang

By Jocelle Koh

Armed with a lilting tone and a simple musical set-up, Singaporean singer-songwriter Jean Tan returns to the scene with new single ‘Serenade’, bidding farewell to the winter that was her last EP ‘Hideaway‘, and looking forward to new beginnings.

Working once again with producer Dru Chen on this new single, ‘Serenade’ is a soothing mishmash of Jazz and Folk elements as pleasing to the ear as a breeze on a hot summers’ day.

Inspiring nostalgic vibes with this vintage-sounding track, old soul Jean shares some much-needed optimism during trying times, teaching us that scars heal, winter melts into spring, and somehow in a little while, all is well again.

Jean was inspired to write this song by a period of especially difficult heartbreak which coincided with her ongoing health struggles. After a period of darkness and isolation, she was suddenly inspired by a speaker’s vulnerability over loss at a conference in California to open herself up again.

Of the song, Jean says:

“This is a song birthed out of the possibility of hope again, even after loss. My hope is that through this song, people can find comfort from the fact that scars heal, and winter gives birth to spring. And that though things may seem dark and gloomy for the moment – there will be recovery and newness of life.” 

Inspiring for all that she has achieved given the obstacles placed in her path (Jean was born with cleft palate and overcame that to pursue her passion in music and currently manages an incurable kidney disorder), the optimism that comes through in ‘Serenade‘ hits close to home, and reminds us that even the worst of times will soon come to pass.

Listen to the single below:

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