Photo by Yoke Ming Chong

By Jocelle Koh

Singaporean post-rock act Goose 我鳥 and R&B/pop singer-songwriter OHMYMEITING 黃美婷 ‘s worlds have finally collided on their sweet new duet ‘Parallel 行星戀‘ , marking the pair’s first ever recorded collaboration together.

Although the pair met back in 2018 when Goose was searching for the perfect artist to open for his debut EP launch, ‘Parallel’ is an unexpected combination of Goose and Meiting’s sensibilities on this sentimental intergalactic love story.

With a melody penned by Goose and lyrics by Meiting, the song starts off with Goose’s signature sense of lightly reflective melancholy whilst being filled with otherworldly imagery that often appears in Meiting’s own works.

Ballads are a rare addition to both artists’ repertoires, but the timing is apt as this song releases on Chinese Valentines’ Day (20th May), with both artists harmonising over stories of lost opportunities and bittersweet love against a mesh of rock and upbeat pop influences.

Check their new track out below, and celebrate the day in your own way!

Listen to ‘Parallel 行星戀’ here. You can find Goose 我鳥 on their Facebook or Instagram, and don’t forget to check out OHMYMEITING 黃美婷 on her Facebook or Instagram for more updates too!