By Jocelle Koh 

Consistent only in his genre-bending abilities and signature wry lyricism, Asian-Australian artist Yeo has released his latest studio album “Recovery Channel”, an eight-track creation featuring his return to an innate love for R&B.

Brought up on a diet of D’Angelo, Mariah Carey and more during his youth, the album is chock full of R&B bops that make you laugh and cry; sometimes even both at the same time.


The album is also on a thematic level a sonic consolidation of Yeo’s process of recovery; following him through ups and downs and especially all the bittersweet grey areas in between.

Featuring the likes of Singaporean crooner Charlie Lim and Australian songstress Janeva, the album reflects Yeo’s continuous search for identity as a person of colour, and marks a deeper exploration of the boundaries of east and west through his music.

Yeo’s album Recovery Channel is now up on all major streaming platforms. Listen now below!