By Jocelle Koh

Eve Ai has always been a musician and artist I have admired greatly. Although I admit I’m not too well-versed in her music, her unique, throaty vocals and brash at times, yet sweet at others songwriting style has always been a point of interest for me.

So this time, with the release of her third album “Talk about Eve“, I was determined to get onto the bandwagon before I missed my chance again!

Although in previous albums, Eve had showcased a more abrasive take by criticising current societal trends through her album “Grown Up’s Love Songs“, she has stated that this time, she’s going to be taking a softer approach.

“I don’t wish to be at odds with the world anymore, I want to take those closest to me and flee together, towards the lives we want.”

Encircling this latest album are the themes of ‘love’ and ‘escape’, two ideas which are very relevant to women in modern society.

Eve has said that this will be her most intimate album to date, saying “I envision this to be an album which will allow me to get close to my audience, we can sit together, chat about love, this and that, listen to my observations on life, and share views”.

Fans can expect a variety of exciting collaborations within the album with the likes of famed producer George Chen, singer songwriters Evan Yo and Eric Chou, as well as lyricist Zhang Jian Jun Wei.

Her first single “Sum of Us” has already caught the attention of many with its beautiful, stripped down arrangement against Eve’s mesmerising and intimate vocals which will have your heart caught in your throat in no time.

Her second single “Harmless Loneliness” is impulsive, reckless and emotional. Certainly not just any old love ballad. Check out the cool music video too!