By Jocelle Koh

Winner of the 2016 ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the Golden Melody Awards Eli Hsieh謝震廷 has finally returned with his second body of work, ‘Where Are We Going?’.

The two-song EP that was released on the 20th of November promises that there is certainly more to come and that these two tracks are just the beginning.

Cryptically described, here’s the concept behind the EP.

“From as early as you can remember, you were not sure where you came from; why you cried, and why you laughed. In a place where there are no problems, and no need for answers, there is a person who has previously gambled their life for you. Her name is Alice.”

And so the story begins…
Eli Hsieh’s EP ‘Where Are We Going’ is now available on all streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify and KKBOX.