By Matt Taylor

Pioneer of Taiwanese hip-hop music Dwagie 大支 has always been expected to do the unexpected, and this trend continued on Wednesday, January 9 as he decided to surprise upload a freestyle rap onto YouTube, with a corresponding casual video of him in the recording studio.  

During a recording session, Dwagie says he was asked by a friend if he had met any women recently. Sending Dwagie’s creative juices flowing, he decided to wax lyrical about his recent miscellaneous escapades not by writing a song, but by freestyling his thoughts on a record called Spicy Taiwanese Sister 辣台妹.

In what is certain to be a surprise, the song was brought up on social media by none other than the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen 蔡英文. In a Facebook post, she mentioned that she had seen the phrase across her social media and had been wondering why. In an interesting move, she decided to re-contextualise what we typically think of as spicy (typically used to mean hot or attractive), saying that it is an attitude with which one carries themselves, and that this spice can be interpreted as fiery and passionate. Whilst she herself is peaceful, when it comes to Taiwan, both herself and all Taiwanese people have a fire and passion, and suggested the new terminology of Group of Passionate Taiwanese辣台派 .

This isn’t the first time that Dwagie and President Tsai have collaborated in some form. In 2017 President Tsai was featured in the chorus of Dwagie’s English-language song Light Up Taiwan 點亮台灣, a song designed to introduce foreign music listeners to Taiwan’s culture and history.

See below for the video for Spicy Taiwanese Sister 辣台妹.