By Jocelle Koh

Dizzy Dizzo’s not giving up on C-pop just yet! And I’m so glad that she hasn’t!

Back with her all-new single “Stray Love”, her fresh new sound weaved through seductive vocals are definitely a burst of fresh air for the C-pop industry.

Collaborating with Luke B. Skywalker Tsui, a songwriter Khalil Fong frequently works with, Dizzy aka. Dominique Tsai shows that she doesn’t do things by halves with her new song “Stray Love”, a cool mix of EDM and hip hop and a badass music video to match.

Resident eye candy Sunny Wang, Dominique’s fiancee is just icing on the cake for the retro-themed game-inspired music video directed by Ares Wu. Also check out her collab with MJ116 ’02’ below!

Download the english version of ‘Stray Love’ here.