By Jocelle Koh

Just in time for summer, new-gen R&B darling Diana Wang 王詩安 has announced the release of her upbeat new single ‘GOOD TIMES’ on the 25th of May.

Following the critical acclaim of her first album ‘Poem’ with Khalil Fong 方大同’s record label FU MUSIC, Wang has set aside the chill, mellow East-meets-West vibes that redefined her there; showing her more vibrant, passionate side in her new single.

A lover of the sun and sea, Wang drew inspiration for this song from various images of the ocean, co-writing once again with Khalil and Derrick Sepnio to create a groovy melody filled to the brim with summer vibes.

Through lyrics written by Luke B.T. Tsui, Wang dedicates this song to the good times she’s had with her friends back in Taiwan, reminiscing on those nostalgic, pure times full of youth, vibrance and dreams.

Putting all that together, ‘GOOD TIMES’ is a song that hopes to transfer the simple message of living in the moment to listeners, urging audiences to make this summer really count!

Diana Wang’s latest single ‘GOOD TIMES’ will be released on the 25th of May on all major streaming platforms including KKBOX, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.