By: C.P Ching

After almost four years, Dawen Wang (王大文) returns with a unique space-themed album “The International Space Station” (國際太空站), officially released on March.29th, 2019. 

This album was inspired while on a trip in Taitung, Wang looked at the sky and imagined being in outer space, and envisioned how lonely it would be looking back down on earth. 

Through this idea, the concept of the album was born. It conveys the idea that “being in space can create infinite possibilities including the thoughts of seeing the world from a dark place (Black hole). “

As a result, each song in the album can be viewed as an independent story highlighting darker times of Wang’s life, which metaphorically connects and summarises his mission in space. 

The songs offer different perspectives on life, including his love for the earth, advocacy for environmental protection and his ideas on love and romance. 

This is Wang’s first full album since 2015 “Happy or not” (快樂不快樂), and through the process of creating this album, Wang was able to rediscover his passion and love for music again. ​

The album is available on all stores including SpotifyKKBOX  and iTunes/Apple Music. Be sure to follow Dawen on his socials for more info!