By Jocelle Koh

The ethereal Ann Bai白安 who stole our hearts with her 2012 single ‘是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你What Brings Me To you’ has finally returned with her upcoming album abstractly titled ‘1990s’.
Born in 1991, to Ann the 90s was the time when she viewed the world most vividly.

A time when the internet and phones weren’t widely used, she remembers playing CDs, examining lyric books and listening to artists telling their stories through sound; giving her inspiration for her music.
In writing this album, Ann took four years. And at this point in her life, she doesn’t have any big philosophies that she’d like to share.

​All she wishes is to truly feel the music and herself in this album, which she dedicates to all those young people living in this era. In her words, she says: “Here’s to hoping our hearts are forever pure and transparent. This is the best era for all of us.”

Ann Bai’s upcoming album ‘1990s’ releases 12/14 on all digital platforms. Her first single ‘Escaping the Mediocre’ is out now.