Photo Credit: Karin Noguchi
Design: Sakura Bready

By Jocelle Koh

Part-Japanese singer-songwriter Lisa Remar returns with debut new single “Halfway To Nowhere“, a soulful yet dreamy lo-fi track that shows her creative prowess.

Inspired by a trip to Costa Rica, the track is marked by reverb-y guitars and fuzzy, gritty soundscapes against tranquil synths and luscious vocals. Of the song, Remar says:

“I’m obsessed with the idea of seeing the person I could become by embracing the unknown and stepping outside parameters that feel comfortable to me. I wrote this song when I came to that self-realization. For the first time, I had to find comfort in knowing that the only option for me was to keep moving forward. It still is, and forever will be because even though the road ahead may lead to nowhere, nowhere will still be somewhere.”

 Photo credit: Nikita Merrin

Raised in New York and spending time in Japan and Los Angeles, a sense of displacement and the need to get onto open roads are clearly relayed in her beautifully unique sense of lyricism.

As fear and freedom meet on this track, we see Lisa’s psychedelic soundscape come through clearly; all the while tinged with melancholia, sentimentality and emotional vulnerability.

Listen to the song here

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