By Jocelle Koh

Filled with avant garde, baroque imagery juxtaposed against bright, natural scenes, Singaporean singer-songwriter Tingzhi Hz (previously known as Mary Wong) returns with her courageous new single ‘Apprehensive Lover  膽小情人’.

Showing off her vocals which at times are silky sweet and at others powerful in equal part, this single marks a brave and definite transition for the singer as she forges a new, unknown path for herself.

In a white dress with a shock of red hair, Tingzhi’s outfit is reminiscent of Rainie Yang’s  image from her 2013 ‘Angel Wings 天使之翼’ album; whilst in jarring but exhilarating contrast, other scenes in the music video combined with a rocking arrangement sees her draw inspiration from Amei and perhaps her alter-ego Amit.

It’s a brave new world for Tingzhi, check the music video teaser out to learn more! Full video releasing soon!