by Sinead

The 35th Golden Melody Awards ceremony was held on Saturday 29th June, kicked off by performances from heavy metal band Flesh Juicer 血肉果汁機 and the MC Lulu.

MC HotDog 熱狗 came out on top in the Male Mandarin Vocalist and Mandarin Lyricist categories, 17 years after his first GMA win at the 18th awards, making up for a disappointing live stage where his mic cut out. Strong regular contender and Korean-Taiwanese R&B vocalist Shi Shi 孫盛希 also beat out tough competition from Sue 蘇運瑩 and Tia Ray 袁婭維 to take the Female Mandarin Vocalist title.

Despite eight nominations and the critical success of her album Flow, industry veteran Naiwen Yang 楊乃文 lost out in the vocal categories, but all was not lost, with her producer Howe 陳君豪 and the graphic artist Wu Jian Long 吳建龍 winning the Best Album Producer and Best Album Graphic awards respectively. However, she ended the night on a high, after letting fans know she would be returning to Taipei later on in the year with her Muse concert tour.

All in all it was a good night for bands, as No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對 took home three awards for their epic milestone album The Clod 瓦合, including Album of the Year, Best Mandarin Album and Best Musical Group. Song of the Year also went the three-piece Accusefive 告五人, riding on the back of the success of their first world tour to take home their first ever Golden Melody Award.

A special APW shout out also goes to young talent Makav 真愛, taking home the once-in-a-lifetime Best Newcomer award ahead of favourites 王ADEN and Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳, as well as sweeping the Best Aboriginal Album award for her groundbreaking hip-hop influenced Treasure 寶藏. Speaking after the win, she described the album, sung in English, Taiwanese and the language of her own tribe, the Bunun peoples, as a coming of age present to her self, recording the first twenty years of her life.

Check out the winners below:

Vocal Awards

Album of the Year

《The Clod 瓦合》/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙Artist:No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對﹚

Song of the Year

  • We Will Be Fine 又到天黑《In The Clouds 帶你飛》/B’in Music International Limited﹙Artist:Accusefive 告五人﹚

Best Mandarin Album

  • The Clod 瓦合/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙演唱者:No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對

Best Taiwanese Album

  • 夜婆 Iā-Pô/Chuang Ming Shi Ye Co. Ltd﹙Artist:Panai 巴奈 ﹚

Best Hakka Album

  • Shape Of Life 繭的形狀/Deserted Island Culture Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Shuchan Chiu 邱淑蟬﹚

Best Aboriginal Album

  • Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd﹙Artist:Makav 真愛

Best Music Video

  • Don’t Mind Me 社交恐懼癌《CHIN UP!》/Universal Music Taiwan﹙Director:Mark Bong 張傑邦﹚

Vocal Awards – Individual Awards

Best Composer

  • Xu Jun 許鈞/Moments 歌一切《Open It 期待集》/elevenz music﹙Artist:Xu Jun 許鈞﹚

Best Lyricist

  • MC HotDog 熱狗/The Landlord Upstairs 樓上的房東《Disgusted Artist 髒藝術家》/Rock Records﹙Artist:MC HotDog熱狗﹚

Best Arrangement

  • Xu Jun 許鈞/Open It 期待集《Open It 期待集》/elevenz music﹙Artist:Xu Jun 許鈞﹚

Best Album Producer

  • Howe 陳君豪/Flow/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Naiwen Yang 楊乃文﹚

Best Single Producer

  • RYOTA 片山凉太、Wen Hung 龍玟宏/A Walk To Remember 一路以來《A Walk To Remember 一路以來(Movie Theme Tune for Abang Adik 富都青年》/Century Film & Entertainment Co., Ltd. 大元娛樂有限公司﹙Artist:RYOTA 片山凉太﹚

Best Male Mandarin Vocalist

  • MC HotDog 熱狗/Disgusted Artist 髒藝術家/Rock Records

Best Female Mandarin Vocalist

  • Shi Shi 孫盛希/Boomerang/Rock Records

Best Taiwanese Male Vocalist

  • Justin Su 蘇明淵/Empty Side of the Heart 心內烏空/Wind Music

Best Taiwanese Female Vocalist

  • Huang Fei 黃妃/Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi 十八般武藝/Water Music Taiwan Ltd.

Best Hakka Vocalist

  • Zoomie 柔 米/鎮妹 Zhin‘ Moi/Dear Musik

Best Aboriginal Vocalist

  • Usay Kawlu 舞思愛/美感 Harateng no Pangcah/iWantMusic

Best Musical Group

  • No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對(Wood Lin 林耕佑、Chu Chu Chan 詹爲筑、Sam Yang 楊世暄、Shih Wei Huang 黃士瑋)/The Clod 瓦合/BHappy Co., Ltd

Best Vocal Collaboration

  • O-Kai Singers 歐開合唱團(Jen Yeh 葉微真、Xiao-En Ye 李湘君、Sean Yeh 葉孝恩、Hey Hey Feng 馮瀚亭)/Those Days 最好的日常/O-Kai Culture Creative Ltd.

Best Newcomer

  • 真愛 Makav/Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd

Instrumental Awards

Best Album

  • Wonderful One 美麗的灣/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd﹙Artist:QinQinQin 邱群、JJ 黃緊雋、Dakanow 達卡鬧、Huang Wei 黃威、Riga Huang 黃韻叡、Unid Huang 黃煜程、Hu Zhe Ray 胡哲睿、Cao Chang Xuan 曹昌玄、Grace Lu 盧品穎﹚

Instrumental Awards – Individual Awards

Best Album Producer

  • Yu Fei 于飛/Creation of the Gods Movie Soundtrack/Rock Mobile﹙Artist:Gordy Haab、
    Meng Ke Zhuo Lan 蒙柯卓蘭﹚

Best Composer

  • Plutato/Matchstick Girl 賣火柴的小女孩《Pluto Potato》/Sound of Tomorrow Ltd.﹙Artist:Plutato﹚

Technical Awards – Individual

Best Album Graphic

  • Wu Jian Long 吳建龍/Flow/AsiaMuse

Technical Awards – Production Team

Best Vocal Recording Album Award

  • Posture 姿態/B’in Music International Limited
    (Main Recording Engineers:Minstrel Lu 陸希文/Main Mixing Engineer:Minstrel Lu 陸希文、Guanru Zhou 周冠儒/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Minstrel Lu 陸希文)

Best Instrumental Recording Album Award

  • Pluto Potato/Sound of Tomorrow Ltd
    (Main Recording Engineer:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰/Main Mixing Engineer:Howe Chen 陳君豪/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Alex Gordon


Special Contribution Award

  • Liu Ching-chih 劉清池
  • Cheng Hua-jiuan 鄭華娟

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