By Sinead

At this year’s GMAs, everyone’s eyes are on Naiwen Yang 楊乃文. Winner of ‘Best Female Mandarin Vocalist’ back in 2000, she is very much in the mix again this year, over two decades later, on the back of her showstopping 2023 album Flow. Featuring a list of collaborators spanning the whole gamut of the Taiwan music scene – from rock legend Wu Bai 伍佰 to the ultra-popular synth-inspired Sunset Rollercoaster 落日飛車 – giving her a grand total of eight category nominations.

Elsewhere, the Best Composer award this year features a range of familiar faces, including pop princess Jolin Tsai’s 蔡依林 film theme tune, Eric Chou’s 周興哲 soulful track (written for Fish Leong 梁靜茹) as well as Singaporean superstar JJ Lin’s 林俊傑 heart-breaking ‘Dust and Ashes’.

APW will have its eyes on the Best Newcomer Award which sees a group of musicians as linguistically diverse as they are musically. Actor-turned-singer Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳 (he was in Monga!) is tipped for his thrilling Taiwanese/English/Mandarin-language debut album Seven 柒, against Vash Hsu 徐暐翔, who blew up the internet and sparked a million covers with his lovelorn single ‘Distrustful Love’. They are joined by soulful Makav 真愛, whose indigenous album is already up for three gongs in other categories and featured on the list of APW’s Top Albums of 2021 on the collaborative record N1.

The 35th GMA Ceremony will be held at 7 PM on Saturday, June 29th, at Taipei Arena. Check out the nomination list below and check back in late June to find out this year’s winners.

Vocal Awards

Album of the Year

-All Nominated Titles of Best Album in Mandarin

-All Nominated Titles of Best Album in Taiwanese

-All Nominated Titles of Best Album in Hakka

-All Nominated Titles of Best Album in an Aboriginal Language

World 世界/Collaboration Arts Ltd.﹙Artist:Elephant Gym 大象體操﹚

You’ll Live Forever in My Songs 你會永遠活在我的歌裡/Sailian Music Company﹙Artist:Paige Su 蘇珮卿﹚

Song of the Year

  • Sabotage 墮落 feat. Buddha Jump 佛跳牆《Flow》/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Naiwen Yang 楊乃文﹚
  • Human Condition 家和萬事興《Human Condition 家和萬事興》/Fire On Music﹙Artist:Fire EX. 滅火器﹚
  • We Will Be Fine 又到天黑《In The Clouds 帶你飛》/B’in Music International Limited﹙Artist:Accusefive 告五人﹚
  • Damn 但《The Clod 瓦合》/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙Artist:No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對﹚
  • The Landlord Upstairs 樓上的房東《Disgusted Artist 髒藝術家》/Rock Records﹙Artist:MC HotDog熱狗﹚
  • Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然《Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然》/Kwan’s International﹙Artist:A-Mei 張惠妹﹚

Best Mandarin Album

  • Flow/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Naiwen Yang 楊乃文﹚
  • Open It 期待集/elevenz music﹙Artist:Xu Jun 許鈞﹚
  • Posture 姿態/B’in Music International Limited﹙演唱者:Fool and Idiot 傻子與白痴﹚
  • In The Clouds 帶你飛/B’in Music International Limited﹙Artist:Accusefive 告五人﹚
  • The Clod 瓦合/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙演唱者:No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對﹚
  • Jude Chiu 裘德/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Jude Chiu 裘德﹚

Best Taiwanese Album

  • One Simple Phrase 簡單一句話/AUCE MUSIC Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Ping Cheng 鄭平﹚
  • Hái-hái Jîn-sing 海海人生/Morningside Music﹙Artist:青虫aoi﹚
  • Human Condition 家和萬事興/Fire On Music﹙Artist:Fire EX. 滅火器﹚
  • 夜婆 Iā-Pô/Chuang Ming Shi Ye Co. Ltd﹙Artist:Panai 巴奈 ﹚
  • Carry On 一路平安/Yo Yo Rock﹙Artist:Meilinbear 熊美玲﹚
  • Jinsei Daigaku 五木大学/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited﹙Artist:Henry Hsu 許富凱﹚

Best Hakka Album

  • A Dragonfly Reads a Poem 羊尾仔看詩/New San-geu-tai Band﹙Artist:Rita 林鈺婷﹚
  • Home Sweet Home 遷徙/Heart FlowCreation Co., Ltd.﹙Artist:Leaf Yeh 葉穎﹚
  • Shape Of Life 繭的形狀/Deserted Island Culture Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Shuchan Chiu 邱淑蟬﹚
  • 鎮妹 Zhin‘ Moi/Dear Musik﹙Artist:柔 米﹚
  • Hakkaglory 客耀/HaiYun Production﹙Artist:Boiii P 彭柏邑﹚

Best Aboriginal Album

  • Pamericah 美式教育/Young Rich Entertainment Co., Ltd.﹙Artist:AZ李孝祖﹚
  • A letter to happiness 給幸福的一封信/Ting Ting Jazz Music Studio﹙Artist:Li-Ting Chiu 邱立婷、Sapah Truku Children’s Choir 薩巴太魯閣兒童合唱團﹚
  • Vusam 種子/Si Na Yi Studio﹙Artist:Utjung Tjakivalid 舞炯恩加以法利得﹚
  • Those Days 最好的日常/O-Kai Culture Creative Ltd.﹙Artist:O-Kai Singers 歐開合唱團 (Jen Yeh 葉微真、Xiao-En Ye 李湘君、Sean Yeh 葉孝恩、Hey Hey Feng 馮瀚亭)﹚
  • Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd﹙Artist:Makav 真愛﹚
  • O kanatal no fafahiyan 女人島/No Trouble Ltd﹙Artist:Ado’ Kaliting Pacidal 阿洛.卡力亭.巴奇辣﹚

Best Music Video

  • delulu《delulu》/StreetVoice﹙Director:Jeremy Z. Qin 秦梓銘﹚
  • Tokyo Calling《Tokyo Calling》/StreetVoice﹙Director:Pennacky﹚
  • Bon Bon《SweetBox》/Easy C&C﹙Director:Yin Chen-hao 殷振豪﹚
  • GOOD LOOKING《GOOD LOOKING》/White Wabbit Records﹙Director:Autotuna 自動鮪魚、ALX112 亞歷三小﹚
  • Don’t Mind Me 社交恐懼癌《CHIN UP!》/Universal Music Taiwan﹙Director:Mark Bong 張傑邦﹚
  • Ho(l)e《Way out》/Monzilin Ltd﹙Director:Haoyan of America﹚
  • Runner Runner《RISE》/EVIL PUMPKIN Ltd.﹙Director:Martin Tan 陳仲宇﹚

Vocal Awards – Individual Awards

Best Composer

  • Xu Jun 許鈞/Moments 歌一切《Open It 期待集》/elevenz music﹙Artist:Xu Jun 許鈞﹚
  • JJ Lin 林俊傑/Dust and Ashes 願與愁《Happily, Painfully After 重拾_快樂》/就JFJ Productions Corp. Ltd.﹙Artist:JJ Lin 林俊傑﹚
  • No Party for Cao Dong草東沒有派對/Damn 但《The Clod 瓦合》/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙Artist:草東沒有派對﹚
  • Eric Chou 周興哲/The Adults 大人《The Wonder of Wandering Life 麋鹿》/Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Artist:Fish Leong 梁靜茹)
  • Kay Huang 黃韻玲/Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然《Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然》/Kwan’s International﹙Artist:A-Mei 張惠妹﹚
  • Jolin Tsai 蔡依林、Richard Craker/Someday, Somewhere《Someday, Somewhere》/Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Artist:Jolin Tsai 蔡依林﹚

Best Lyricist

  • Wu Xiong 武雄/Ū‑Huè 有歲《Ū‑Huè 有歲》/Michael Shih Dian Yin Ben Pu 施文彬電音本舖﹙Artist:Michael Shih 施文彬﹚
  • Li Ge Di 李格弟/Devil in my hat 帽子裡的惡魔《Seven 柒》/Universal Music Taiwan﹙Artist:Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳﹚
  • MC HotDog 熱狗/The Landlord Upstairs 樓上的房東《Disgusted Artist 髒藝術家》/Rock Records﹙Artist:MC HotDog熱狗﹚
  • Ge Da Wei 葛大為/Down Lies the Skeleton 骨骼謝幕《Jude Chiu 裘德》/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Jude Chiu 裘德﹚
  • Daryl Yao 姚若龍/The Adults 大人《The Wonder of Wandering Life 麋鹿》/Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Artist:Fish Leong 梁靜茹﹚
  • Su-hao Yang 楊肅浩、Ding Jin 丁津、Eric Lin 林秋離/Farewell in the Fall 秋離《Carry On 一路平安》/Yo Yo Rock﹙Artist:Meilinbear 熊美玲﹚

Best Arrangement

  • Kyle Lu 嘟嘟/A Dream of Bonnie and Clyde feat. JADE《Flow》/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Naiwen Yang 楊乃文﹚
  • Xu Jun 許鈞/Open It 期待集《Open It 期待集》/elevenz music﹙Artist:Xu Jun 許鈞﹚
  • ØZI、Ian Jeffrey Thomas、Lu Kang Yu 魯綱宇、Alan Cheung Ka Shing 張家誠/ADICA《ADICA》/Forbidden Paradise﹙Artist:ØZI﹚
  • No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對/Damn 但《The Clod 瓦合》/BHappy Co., Ltd﹙Artist:No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對﹚
  • Jude Chiu 裘德、Walter 關浩德、Tsui Chin Hung 崔展鴻/Embryo 胚胎《Jude Chiu 裘德》/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Jude Chiu 裘德﹚
  • Huang Shao Yong 黃少雍、Liv W 王韻筑/Round 圓《Round 圓》/Hikoon Music﹙Artist:Sue 蘇運瑩﹚

Best Album Producer

  • Hao-Lun Huang 黃浩倫、Ping Cheng 鄭平/One Simple Phrase 簡單一句話/AUCE MUSIC Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Ping Cheng 鄭平﹚
  • Howe 陳君豪/Flow/AsiaMuse﹙Artist:Naiwen Yang 楊乃文﹚
  • Arai Soichiro 荒井十一/Open It 期待集/elevenz music﹙Artist:許鈞﹚
  • HLK 韓立康/Seven 柒/Universal Music Taiwan﹙Artist:Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳﹚
  • Shuo Hsiao 蕭賀碩/Shape Of Life 繭的形狀/Deserted Island Culture Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Shuchan Chiu 邱淑蟬﹚
  • Huang Shao Yong 黃少雍、ABAO 阿爆/Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd﹙Artist:Makav 真愛﹚

Best Single Producer

  • W.LIN、Itun Chou 周已敦/Gaslight 情勒《Not So Far Away 不遠處》/Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.﹙Artist:Marz23、ØZI﹚
  • Eason Chen 陳奕迅、Terence Lam 林家謙/Don’t Mind Me 社交恐懼癌《CHIN UP!》/Universal Music Taiwan﹙Artist:Eason Chen 陳奕迅﹚
  • Kay Huang 黃韻玲/Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然《Tristesse 離別總是那麼突然》/Kwan’s International﹙Artist:A-Mei 張惠妹﹚
  • The Crane 鶴 、SIRUP、Woo Hyun Kim/UMAMI《UMAMI》/Grown For What Entertainment﹙Artist:The Crane 鶴、SIRUP﹚
  • ZERO 劉宗霖、Matt Hsu 許主携/Someone Else By Your Side 伊的身邊已經有別人2023《Someone Else By Your Side 伊的身邊已經有別人2023》/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited﹙Artist:Henry Hsu 許富凱、Flesh Juicer 血肉果汁機﹚
  • Kumachan 熊仔、rgry/Thank God We Survived 存活《Thank God We Survived 存活》/Sony Music TW﹙Artist:Kumachan 熊仔 feat. SOWUT & BR﹚
  • RYOTA 片山凉太、Wen Hung 龍玟宏/A Walk To Remember 一路以來《A Walk To Remember 一路以來(Movie Theme Tune for Abang Adik 富都青年》/Century Film & Entertainment Co., Ltd. 大元娛樂有限公司﹙Artist:RYOTA 片山凉太﹚

Best Male Mandarin Vocalist

  • Xu Jun 許鈞/Open It 期待集/elevenz music
  • JJ Lin 林俊傑/Happily, Painfully After 重拾_快樂/JFJ Productions Corp. Ltd.
  • Marz23/Not So Far Away 不遠處/Warner Music Taiwan Ltd.
  • MC HotDog 熱狗/Disgusted Artist 髒藝術家/Rock Records
  • Jude Chiu 裘德/Jude Chiu 裘德/AsiaMuse

Best Female Mandarin Vocalist

  • Naiwen Yang 楊乃文/Flow/AsiaMuse
  • Shi Shi 孫盛希/Boomerang/Rock Records
  • 9m88/Sent/爵士寶貝有限公司
  • Sue 蘇運瑩/Round 圓/Hikoon Music
  • Tia Ray 袁婭維/ALLURE 在與生俱來的不平衡裡/Mr.Wing Creative

Best Taiwanese Male Vocalist

  • Weng Li-you 翁立友/Dao Ma Dan 刀馬旦/HCM Music
  • Ping Cheng 鄭平/One Simple Phrase 簡單一句話/AUCE MUSIC Co., Ltd
  • Justin Su 蘇明淵/Empty Side of the Heart 心內烏空/Wind Music
  • Henry Hsu 許富凱/Jinsei Daigaku 五木大学/Pourquoi Pas Music Limited

Best Taiwanese Female Vocalist

  • Panai 巴奈/Iā-Pô 夜婆/Chuang Ming Shi Ye Co. Ltd
  • Meilinbear 熊美玲/Carry On 一路平安/Yo Yo Rock
  • Joey Chiang 江惠儀/Sleep Talking 陷眠/Long Play Music Limited
  • Huang Fei 黃妃/Shi Ba Ban Wu Yi 十八般武藝/Water Music Taiwan Ltd.
  • Kelly Tsai 蔡家蓁/The Secret 彼个秘密/Atime Artist Management CO., LTD

Best Hakka Vocalist

  • Rita 林鈺婷/A Dragonfly Reads a Poem 羊尾仔看詩/New San-geu-tai Band
  • Leaf Yeh 葉穎/Home Sweet Home 遷徙/Heart FlowCreation Co., Ltd.
  • Shuchan Chiu 邱淑蟬/Shape Of Life 繭的形狀/Deserted Island Culture Co., Ltd
  • Luli Lin 林沛蕎/Chill 幻/Da Li Culture Co. Ltd
  • Zoomie 柔 米/鎮妹 Zhin‘ Moi/Dear Musik

Best Aboriginal Vocalist

  • Utjung Tjakivalid 舞炯恩加以法利得/Vusam種子/Si Na Yi Studio
  • Ngerenger Darusakiv and Friends 廣財與老樂手/Hei Ming Dan Studio #3 黑名單工作室 #3 《he Answers : Ngerenger Darusakiv and Friends 浮生錄:廣財與老樂手》/Ngerenger Darusakiv Studio
  • Yaway·Mawring 雅維·茉芮/cinbwanan ki knan nyux sami mzyugi 世界和我一起跳舞/Wind Music
  • Makav 真愛/Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd
  • Usay Kawlu 舞思愛/美感 Harateng no Pangcah/iWantMusic

Best Musical Group

  • Fire EX. 滅火器(Sam Yang 楊大正、ORio 鄭宇辰、JC陳敬元、KG 柯志勛)/Human Condition 家和萬事興/Fire On Music
  • The Loophole 露波合唱團(YB 王彥博、Max Chien 簡靖宣、Hong Chen 洪晨、Oler Hsu 許丞皓、Jerry Li 李權哲)/Beautiful World 美麗新世界/Groovy Man Ltd
  • Fool and Idiot 傻子與白痴(Eric Tsai 蔡維澤、Light 鄭光良、Yi Bang 李沂邦、WEI JUN 徐維均)/Posture姿態/B’in Music International Limited
  • Accusefive 告五人(Quan Qing 犬青、Pan Pan An 雲安、Richard Lin 哲謙)/In The Clouds 帶你飛/B’in Music International Limited
  • No Party For Cao Dong 草東沒有派對(Wood Lin 林耕佑、Chu Chu Chan 詹爲筑、Sam Yang 楊世暄、Shih Wei Huang 黃士瑋)/The Clod 瓦合/BHappy Co., Ltd
  • Elephant Gym 大象體操(張凱翔、張凱婷、涂嘉欽)/World 世界 /Collaboration Arts Ltd.
  • MIXER 麋先生(Sheng Hao Wu 吳聖皓、Z_An_Lin 林喆安、Bosy Yu 余柏羲、Eno Chang 張以諾、Vincent Lu 盧逸凡)/What A Romance 都是浪漫害的/B’in Music International Limited

Best Vocal Collaboration

  • aoi 青虫(Alan Huang 黃柏翰、Hung Kuo 郭宏、Jeannie H 吉尼)/Hái-hái Jîn-sing 海海人生/Morningside Music
  • O-Kai Singers 歐開合唱團(Jen Yeh 葉微真、Xiao-En Ye 李湘君、Sean Yeh 葉孝恩、Hey Hey Feng 馮瀚亭)/Those Days 最好的日常/O-Kai Culture Creative Ltd.
  • The Wanted 尋人啟事(DoDo 錢沛筠、Rere 錢姵文、Chia Yu Lu 呂佳諭、Adi Chen 陳信迪、Arnold 孫晨銘)/Chubby 減肥計劃/The Wanted Studio
  • SmashRegz(Trout Fresh 呂士軒、Chang Wu 張伍、SJIN 史今)/San Bu Guan 三不管/RYM Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Limi(Li 白淩、Mi 呂旻)/Natural Phenomenon 自然現象/My Honey Listen to Music., Ltd.

Best Newcomer

  • Ping Cheng 鄭平/One Simple Phrase 簡單一句話/AUCE MUSIC Co., Ltd
  • Hogan T. 鄒序/Loose Faucet 把水開著/Rich Wing Co., Ltd
  • 王ADEN/Be a Lover/(Turnt Love LTD.
  • Vash Hsu 徐暐翔/Survive To Remember 躍/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd.
  • Rhydian Vaughan 鳳小岳/Seven 柒/Universal Music Taiwan
  • 真愛 Makav/Treasure 寶藏/Nanguaq Culture Ltd
  • Jocelyn 9.4.0/Jocelyn 9.4.0/Chynatown Co., Ltd.

Instrumental Awards

Best Album

  • Built in System 內建系統/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd.﹙Artist:Jeremy Pelt 傑瑞米·培爾特、Richie Goods 里奇·古瓷、Allan Mednard 艾倫·梅德納爾、Chien Chien Lu 魯千千﹚
  • a method for capsaicinoid analysis 一種分析辣椒素的方法/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd﹙演奏者:dongyi﹚
  • Wonderful One 美麗的灣/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd﹙Artist:QinQinQin 邱群、JJ 黃緊雋、Dakanow 達卡鬧、Huang Wei 黃威、Riga Huang 黃韻叡、Unid Huang 黃煜程、Hu Zhe Ray 胡哲睿、Cao Chang Xuan 曹昌玄、Grace Lu 盧品穎﹚
  • Chen Mingchang’s 2023 Soundtrack Trilogy 2023 陳明章電影配樂三部曲/Chen Mingchang Music Studio﹙Artist:陳明章﹚
  • Impermanence 無常定/PRO PROMOTING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD﹙Artist:Liú Pī 劉㔻、Su Zixu 蘇紫旭﹚

Instrumental Awards – Individual Awards

Best Album Producer

  • dongyi/a method for capsaicinoid analysis 一種分析辣椒素的方法/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd﹙Artist:dongyi﹚
  • Ruby Pan 潘子爵、Fred Lu 呂聖斐/Knot a Problem 沒問題少女/Deserted Island Culture Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Ruby Pan 潘子爵﹚
  • Yu Fei 于飛/Creation of the Gods Movie Soundtrack/Rock Mobile﹙Artist:Gordy Haab、
    Meng Ke Zhuo Lan 蒙柯卓蘭﹚
  • Chia-Lun Yue 余佳倫、TR Lai 賴二川/at one/MUSDM CO., LTD.﹙Artist:Chia-Lun Yue 余佳倫﹚
  • J Geddes 高杰/Twisting Roots 繞.境/Wind Music﹙Artist:TPO Big Band 踢霹歐爵士大樂團﹚

Best Composer

  • Plutato/Matchstick Girl 賣火柴的小女孩《Pluto Potato》/Sound of Tomorrow Ltd.﹙Artist:Plutato﹚
  • Yuhan Su 蘇郁涵/Hi-Tech Pros and Cons 嗨高科技 《Liberated Gesture 自由的姿態 》Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd﹙Artist:Yuhan Su 蘇郁涵﹚
  • Zhihan Xu 徐之晗/Opus One 第一樂章|Fading Galaxy, Sinking Stars 長河漸落曉星沉《Future Travel 未來旅行》/Ocean Butterflies Music Pte Ltd.﹙Artist:Zhihan Xu 徐之晗﹚
  • Jo-Yu Chen/Walking Through Fear String Quartet+Piano《Walking Through Fear String Quartet+Piano》/Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd﹙Artist:Jo-Yu Chen Featuring Richard Lin﹚
  • Matthew James Fullen/Elegant 優雅如你《Twisting Roots 繞.境》/Wind Music﹙Artist:TPO Big Band 踢霹歐爵士大樂團﹚

Technical Awards – Individual

Best Album Graphic

  • Zheng Li Hua 鄭麗華/Hái-hái Jîn-sing 海海人生/Morningside Music
  • Wu Jian Long 吳建龍/Flow/AsiaMuse
  • Jian Ben Sheng Wu 見本生物/Posture 姿態/B’in Music International Limited
  • Lu Yi Xuan 盧翊軒、Huang Jia Hong 黃嘉宏/Empty Side of the Heart 心內烏空/Wind Music
  • Yueh Yueh Liu 劉悅德/Almost Human/HIM International Music

Technical Awards – Production Team

Best Vocal Recording Album Award

  • Flow/AsiaMuse
    (Main Recording Engineers:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰、Shen Kuan Lin 沈冠霖、Chief Wang 王永鈞、Brent Clark、Zen Chien 錢煒安、Yeh Yu-hsuan 葉育軒/Main Mixing Engineers:Wang Wen Xuan 黃文萱、Howe Chen 陳君豪、Caesar Edmunds/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Matt Colton)
  • Open It 期待集/elevenz music
    (Main Recording Engineers:Sanbist Lin 林克昶、Duo Si 多斯/Main Mixing Engineers:Sanbist Lin 林克昶、Zhao Jing 趙靖/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:San Zhi Gou Ji Ba Shi 三隻狗擠巴士、Quan Xiangyan 全相彥)
  • Posture 姿態/B’in Music International Limited
    (Main Recording Engineers:Minstrel Lu 陸希文/Main Mixing Engineer:Minstrel Lu 陸希文、Guanru Zhou 周冠儒/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:陸希文)
  • Jude Chiu 裘德/AsiaMuse
    (Main Recording Engineers:Hong Shi Cheng 洪士誠(小剛)、Shao Tian 少天、Tong 邢銅、Zhang Yuhan 張宇涵、Meng Tao 孟韜、Li Yang 李楊/Main Mixing Engineer:Matthew Sim/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Alex Psaroudakis)
  • Sent/Jazz Baby Co.
    (Main Recording Engineers:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰、Tzu-Ting Yang 楊子霆、Eric Chen 陳建良、Kai Yuan Cheng 鄭凱元/Main Mixing Engineers:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰、單為明/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Stuart Hawkes)

Best Instrumental Recording Album Award

  • Pluto Potato/Sound of Tomorrow Ltd
    (Main Recording Engineer:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰/Main Mixing Engineer:Howe Chen 陳君豪/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Alex Gordon)
  • Built in System 內建系統/Feeling Good Music Co., Ltd
    (Main Recording Engineer:Jimmy Katz 傑瑞米・凱斯/Main Mixing Engineer:Dave Darlington 大衛·達林頓/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Dave Darlington 大衛·達林頓)
  • Exploitation Suite/Hove Co. Ltd
    (Main Recording Engineers:Michael Perez Cisneros、Kevin Thomas/Main Mixing Engineer:Michael Perez Cisneros/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Michael Perez Cisneros)
  • Hello Ghost Movie Soundtrack/Dark Horse Image
    (Main Recording Engineer:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰/Main Mixing Engineer:Chou Han Tsay 蔡周翰/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Robert Kleiner)
  • Ghost of the Dark Path Movie Soundtrack/Que’e Yu Le Studio
    (Main Recording Engineer:Yeh Yu-hsuan 葉育軒/Main Mixing Engineer:葉育軒/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Yeh Yu-hsuan 葉育軒)


Special Contribution Award

  • Liu Ching-chih 劉清池
  • Cheng Hua-jiuan 鄭華娟