By Sinead

The long awaited GMA awards finally went ahead on the 21st of August as Taiwan tentatively edged its way out of lockdown. Soft Lipa杜振熙 swept the Mandarin language awards, winning Best Album and Best Vocalist while SANGPUY桑布伊 came away with Album of the Year. Other notable mentions go to veteran artists Olivia曹雅雯 and Hebe Tien田馥甄 and their production teams for winning awards both in the vocal and technical categories, as well as Sunset Rollercoaster落日飛車 who finally took home the top prize in the Best Band category after being nominated for the third year in a row.

Check out the full list of winners for this years’ awards below!

Vocal Awards

Album of the Year
SANGPUY桑布伊 – akokey 親愛的你好嗎

Song of the Year
Crowd Lu盧廣仲 – Your Name Engraved Herein刻在我心底的名字

Best Mandarin Album
Home Cookin家常音樂 – Soft Lipa杜振熙

Best Taiwanese Album
Ziben自本 – Olivia曹雅雯

Best Hakka Album
In the End到底 – ChuNoodle春麵樂隊

Best Indigenous Language Album
Lady of the ocean海女 – Outlet Drift流出口

Best Music Video
Home Cookin家常音樂 – Soft Lipa杜振熙 (Director: Wang Zongxin王宗欣)

Vocal Awards – Individual Awards

Best Composer
HUSH – AnHe安和﹙Artist:Tarcy Su蘇慧倫﹚

Best Lyricist
Ge Dawei葛大為 – Untold無人知曉﹙Artist:Hebe Tien田馥甄﹚

Best Arrangement
Zhong Xingmin鍾興民 – Flavour鹹汫﹙Artist:Olivia曹雅雯﹚

Best Album Producer
George Chen陳建騏 – Untold無人知曉﹙Artist:Hebe Tien田馥甄﹚

Best Single Producer
Khalil Fong方大同 – Noodles麵麵﹙Artist:Khalil Fong方大同﹚

Best Male Mandarin Vocalist
Soft Lipa杜振熙 – Home Cookin家常音樂

Best Female Mandarin Vocalist
Hebe Tien田馥甄 – Untold無人知曉

Best Taiwanese Male Vocalist
Hsu Fukai許富凱 – Shi ge拾歌

Best Taiwanese Female Vocalist
Olivia曹雅雯 – Ziben自本

Best Hakka Vocalist
Wing羅文裕 – When The Sun Rises當太陽升起時

Best Indigenous Language Vocalist
SANGPUY桑布伊 – pulu’em得力量

Best Musical Group
Sunset Rollercoaster落日飛車

Best Vocal Collaboration
The Wanted尋人啟事

Best Newcomer

Instrumental Awards

Best Album
Wu Xiang Funk Band五香放克樂團 – The Adventures of Pie Boy派仔之遊

Instrumental Awards – Individual Awards

Best Album Composer
hirsk/noista/gia 噪噪噪噪切 ﹙Artist:hirsk﹚

Best Composer
Terry Hsieh, Derrick Sepnio – Bitter Sweet ﹙Artist : The Spice Cabinet﹚

Technical Awards – Individual

Best Album Graphic
Xiao Qingyang/ZETA

Technical Awards – Production Team

Best Vocal Recording Album Award
(Main Recording Engineers:Chen Wenjun陳文駿、Chen Zhenfa陳振發、Cai Zhouhan蔡周翰、Liu Aluo劉阿洛、 Xie Fengze謝豐澤、Zhong Weiyu鍾濰宇、Chen Qilong陳祺龍、Yang Minqi楊敏奇/Mixing Team:Chen Wenjun陳文駿、Cai Zhouhan蔡周翰、Shan Weiming單為明、Wei Wei魏瑋、Zhou Jiedun周已敦、Fan Naigang樊乃綱/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Dave kutch)

Best Instrumental Recording Album Award
The Adventures of Pie Boy派仔之遊/Universal Music Group
(Main Recording Engineer:Liu Mang劉芒/Main Mixing Engineer:Shan Weiming單為明/Main Mastering Post-Production Engineer:Waiting for 十一音樂advice)

Special Contribution Award

Lo TaYou羅大佑

Jury Award

Wan Fang萬芳 – Dear All