By Jocelle Koh

Accompanying Chinese R&B artist Akin 阿克江‘s new single ‘Heartbeat Waveform 心跳波形‘ is a music video borne from the crazy, creative minds of avant-garde East-meets-West label 18 Uppercut.

If you’re looking for something to take your minds off the Lunar New Year chaos, this totally NSFW music video ups the ante with a horror-romance music video like the Mandarin music scene has never seen before. 

Taking inspiration from the classic Chinese story of Huaipi (a Chinese scholar who becomes infatuated with a demon disguised as a beautiful maiden), as well as bizarre filmmaker Takashi Mike and Japanese gore, the video details a night out gone wrong in the most unexpected and grisly ways possible.

A cheeky and twisted juxtaposition against Akin and producer Visudy‘s toe-tappingly infectious groove, the visuals will put you off tinder swiping (and possibly meat) temporarily.