By Jocelle Koh

On top of writing some tasty-ass tunes, it’s no surprise that Malaysian-Australian singer-songwriter and producer Yeo cooks up some pretty tasty dishes too.

Given that he goes by @snackswithyeo on all his social media handles, Yeo has never shied away from his love for food, but the high-key home cook has gone all out in intertwining his latest singles with his love for food and heritage.

Dropping an Emo-R&B/Punk Rock single called ‘OBSESSION’ together with a recipe video of him cooking Tauhu Telur (Malaysian Tofu based dish), it’s almost as if the chameleon-like producer is baring his soul in his music, then using comfort foods as therapy.

Sharing about how he learned to cook Tauhu Telur, it seems the dish also has an element of relationships past for Yeo.

“A girl i was dating challenged me by saying if i could make it then she’d concede that I’m good at cooking. I’d never made or eaten it before and had only had tahu goreng (a similar dish) once.”

Singing about perpetual singlehood and father issues combined with the struggles of an ongoing pandemic with Weezer/Joji inspired elements, ‘OBSESSION’ is a single that’ll leave you unsure of whether to laugh or cry, and is best served with a portion of Yeo’s Tauhu Telur.

Check out the recipe and video down below and try it out for yourself!

How To Make Tauhu Telur (a.k.a Tofu Baby)


Tofu Baby
• Egg tofu, two tubes, sliced thinly
• 4 eggs, lightly beaten
• Salt
• White pepper
• Corn flour
• Cucumber, julienned
• Carrot, julienned
• Fried shallots

Peanut sauce
• Peanut butter
• Kecap manis
• Palm sugar
• Salt
• Garlic, smashed finely
• Tamarind pulp
• Chilli (fresh or sambal oelek works)
• Water

• In a small bowl, cover a spoonful of tamarind pulp with boiling water. Let stand for a few minutes and then squeeze out pulp with fingers or a spoon. Strain and remove solids.
• Sauté garlic and chilli with salt to taste in a small pan until fragrant.
• Add prepared tamarind and palm sugar to taste.
• Add kecap manis and peanut butter to taste.
• Add water until you reach a consistency of thin gravy. Taste, and adjust with ingredients if needed.
• Allow sauce to cool.
• Combine eggs, egg tofu, a few pinches of salt and white pepper, and a tablespoon or two of cornflour in a bowl. The egg should be one colour but entire mixture not beaten too much–should be decent chunks of tofu still floating about.
• Heat an inch of oil in a pan with a lidless tin can. Make sure oil is level both inside and outside the can. Oil is ready when a submerged wooden chopstick quickly produces bubbles. Good deep-frying temperature.
• Ladle egg mix into tin can until almost full and constantly spoon hot oil over the top until the egg mix can stand on its own without the tin can. Continue until outside is crispy golden brown. 
• Remove tofu mass carefully from the pan and rest on paper towels.
• Repeat with the rest of the egg mix, and stack on top of the first tofu child. Whole thing should be wobbly but staying together.
• Sprinkle cucumber and carrot on egg tofu tower.
• Pour peanut sauce over egg tofu tower and garnish with fried shallots.

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Listen to ‘OBSESSION’, out now on all streaming platforms and check Yeo out on Instagram for more #hotuncleshit.