By Jocelle Koh

Just in time for Lunar New Year (and V-day for the rest of the world), Malaysian-Australian artist Yeo releases all-new single ‘U IN?’ on the 12th of February, deepening his explorations of the R&B genre and pleasing fans who have long been awaiting the return of his signature Keytar solos.

“U IN?” tells the story of an unexpected conversation leading to a potential relationship with someone that’s been in and out of your life for years.  Infusing laidback melodies and rapid-fire verses with ‘90s-inspired bass and a slick keytar solo to finish, Yeo updates listeners on his life status with witty repartee that intertwines snippets of conversation and feelings to create an effortlessly groovy piece.

First premiered live during lockdown in 2020, ‘U IN?’ was first performed on LA-based tastemaking platform We Found New Music. Echoing strands of Yeo’s real-life problems such as chronic back problems “Physio keeping that back pain quiet” along with tasty glimmers of hope and possibility, Yeo gives us all the feels on this vibin’ new track.

“U IN?” will also be releasing with a recipe video where Yeo flexes his cooking muscles and goes back to his Malaysian roots, whipping up a dish of Char Siu as flavour-packed as ‘U IN?’.

Listen on “U IN?” here and follow Yeo for his snacking/music exploits on all social medias at @snackswithyeo.