By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Leaf Yeh 葉穎

回到最初 嬰孩模樣 Returning to the beginning A childlike appearance
睫毛彎彎的笑 A smile like the curve of an eyelash
自由自在哼唱 Carefreely singing

來到這 回頭觀望 Arriving at this point I look back
細白的頭髮 Thin white hair
畫著無限8 Making infinite 8s

虔誠的走在小路上 Piously taking the small roads
每一步叩首  Kowtowing with every step
敬拜天地和月亮 Praying to the earth and the moon

途中有多少的荒涼 How much desolation did you pass on the journey
交換明天  就有多少的陽光 In order to exchange for a tomorrow full of sunlight 

看見 中年的你 Looking at a middle aged you
她說 我們會在一起 She said we will be together
不用 當個逃兵 Don’t be a deserter
讓恐懼   穿梭來去  Let the fear come and go

對生存  永恆的焦慮 Anxiety over survival is everlasting
挑動神經  攀附我在深夜裡  Aggravated nerves climb over me in the dead of night
抽支籤 我們向西行 Let’s draw lots and head west
那兒有祝福  還有精靈 There are blessings and fairies

攤開地圖  研究路徑 Unfurl the map Analyse the path
要躲去哪裡 才能好好休息 Where should we hide So we can rest well
潛意識 擁有的訊息    The information my subconscious holds
指向了 新的秘境 Points towards a new secret haven

看見蒼老的你 Looking upon an elderly you
她說 末日降臨 She says the apocalypse is coming
誰都 無法抗拒 No one can resist it
趁現在 大口呼吸 Take big breaths while you still can

看見平行的你 Looking upon an alternate version of you
她說別濫用勇氣 She says don’t abuse your courage
脆弱也是工具  Vulnerability is also a weapon
夠了  別再怪自己 Enough Stop blaming yourself