Writeup & Translation by Jocelle Koh

Introducing our new format ‘Liner Notes‘, where we dig deep with artists and creatives about the meaning behind their song lyrics; dredging up the subcultures and backstories that exist straight from the source. Many of the artists featured are more than just creators; they are bridges that have the ability and willingness to share their culture across languages. So lend them a listening ear, and you just might gain more than just a new song recommendation.

In an Asian Pop Weekly first, we were honoured when indie Taiwanese singer-songwriter Leaf Yeh 葉穎 approached us to do the official lyric translations for her new single ‘你哭完該笑了 Smiles After Tears’. Hence we thought it even more meaningful to include her in our Liner Notes series to dig deeper into the story behind this gentle, warm and nuanced track.

Often writing about the beauty in the simple things and waxing lyrical on the meaning of life, the folk/pop/world music artist was inspired by the minor anxieties of daily life while writing ‘Smiles After Tears’.

“This song was inspired by experiencing big and small interruptions and worries in my daily life. On one hand I wanted to find the core from which these emotions emanate in order to understand myself better, but on the other while on this journey I discovered that no matter what obstacles have passed, as long as one has the courage to pick themselves up again, they’ll be able to see things from different perspectives.”

Writing often with flowing natural imagery that takes us down to the ground, up to the stars and back, Leaf shares that her favourite line of the lyrics is one in the chorus:

“我們擁抱在雲的背後 We embrace behind the clouds
你哭完該笑了 After the tears it’s time to smile”

These lines particularly resonated with Yeh as she believes deeply in the importance of community and accompaniment on anyone’s journey.

“Being able to have empathy, and share experiences will reduce a lot of loneliness”

Simply put, Yeh wishes to express that life will always have its ups and downs, but in her lilting, comforting tone encourages listeners to smile after the tears have subsided, and know that better days are on their way.


時間就坐 Time sits
⼀顆心跳動 A heart beating
尋找某個 Searching for
寧靜1的宇宙 A serene universe
哀愁2 No sorrow
沒有煩憂 No worries

試著看透 Trying to see through
還是沒看破 But failing to
想抓住什麼 Wanting to hold on to something
不放手 Never letting go
這感覺 隱約失控 This faint feeling of losing control

尋找著源頭3 Searching for the original source
不要再被動 Be passive no longer

Wait, waiting for the sunlight rise from the sea wipe away your tears,
We can lie in a dream, dream oh dream, da la la la la
Sit sit siting here, rumors still appear
躁動4了了情緒 Restless feelings
Sound of silence she say hey, hey oh hey
別聽你不該聽 Don’t listen to what you shouldn’t hear

見山以後 When the mountain is finally revealed
能看見什麼 What will you see
作為一個 As a
流浪的星球 drifting planet
洪荒5間 In the midst of time unrecorded
何處寄託 Where should we place our hopes

全體放空 該感受什麼 Space out entirely What should we be feeling
人前人後 In public and behind closed doors
該相信什麼 What should we believe
閉眼讓星辰6吞沒 Close your eyes and let the stars swallow you

好想要自由 How I wish for freedom
好想被聽懂 How I wish to be understood

Wait waiting for the sunrise upon the sky 
終於不寂寞 Finally I’m not alone
我們擁抱在雲的背後 We embrace behind the clouds
da la la la la
Sit sit sitting here, love, love, please come here
最後的最後 At the end of the end
他們的廢話都變得虛弱7 Their nonsense becomes weak
你哭完該笑了 After the tears it’s time to smile

Wait waiting for the sunrise upon the sky
終於不寂寞 Finally I’m not alone
我們擁抱在雲的背後 We embrace behind the clouds
da la la la la
Sit sit sitting here, love, love, please come here
最後的最後At the end of the end
失去的快樂都放回胸⼝ The happiness we’ve lost returns to our hearts
你哭完該笑了 After the tears it’s time to smile


1 寧靜 (Ning2 Jing4) : Serene

2 哀愁 (Ai1 Chou2) : Sorrow

3 源頭 (Yuan2 Tou2) : Starting point

4 躁動 (Zao4 Dong4): Restlessness

5 洪荒 (Hong2 Huang3): Prehistory

6 星辰 (Xing1 Chen2) : Stars

7 虛弱 (Xu1 Ruo4) : Weak