Writeup & Translation by Jocelle Koh

Introducing our new format ‘Liner Notes‘, where we dig deep with artists and creatives about the meaning behind their song lyrics; dredging up the subcultures and backstories that exist straight from the source. Many of the artists featured are more than just creators; they are bridges that have the ability and willingness to share their culture across languages. So lend them a listening ear, and you just might gain more than just a new song recommendation.

In a follow-up to our first collaboration with Taiwanese world music/indie pop darling Leaf Yeh 葉穎, we’re happy to present the official translation of her latest single “I Love You For You 就是愛著如此奇怪的你”.

Chiming in with the sound of regal horns, Yeh’s latest single, a collaboration with Norwegian horn musician Karl Seglem once again makes extensive reference of natural imagery against the backdrop of shimmering, calming sounds including the flute played by Yeh herself to address the anxieties of daily life.

This time, the artist yet again uses a conversational, gentle manner to initiate a conversation with listeners about the abundance of everything around us; yet the emptiness that we often feel inside. With simple yet effective lines, Yeh lends her shoulder to listeners who feel alone, at least for a moment helping them to fill that hole in their hearts.

Inspired by her own experiences of loneliness and feeling like she doesn’t belong, “I Love You For You” came to Leaf by way of a dream.

“I wrote this song when I felt I was a very strange and very lonely person. The original name of the song was ‘Mao’, as it appeared to me weirdly in a dream. At the same time I also dreamt of how this song should be arranged, especially the horns and clocks…Little did I know years later I would meet a horn player from Norway who could use such a pure way to deliver the song. I feel like its fate.”

When quizzed on her favourite lines of the lyrics, Yeh pointed out the chorus* for its especially reassuring quality.

“Other than being for others who are feeling lonely, this is a song I’m singing for myself too. Because company is also something that you can give yourself. If you are loved and cared for by others, that’s certainly great, but if theres no one like that by your side, then you can be your own pillow, and your own listener.”

While the message behind the lyrics couldn’t be any clearer, Leaf still emphasises that the message she wants to deliver to listeners is one of self love, and that we are capable of being loved.

“No matter how strange or childish or dumb or unlikeable you think you are, in reality, there will always be people on your wavelength who understand you and love you. You can be very sure of this. Or even, you can be the main giver of love to yourself.”

Ever comforting, Yeh continues to share her unique perspective on life and love through her generous and uplifting sound. We hope that it helps each and everyone of you to remember that you are loved, and to put yourself first, especially when it seems like no one else does.


夏天就期待寒冬 In the summer we long for winter
天冷就害怕寂寞 When the cold comes we are afraid of loneliness
寂寞不能被看透 Afraid that loneliness will be exposed
該有的好像都有 We seem to have all we need
心為什麼還空洞 But there is a hole in our hearts
需要時間找線索1 Time is needed to search for clues

學著不去對抗疼痛 To learn not to resist the pain
學著不去壓抑2感動 Learn not to repress feelings

*我希望日落後 I hope after the sun sets
能成為你的枕頭 I can be your pillow
讓你能夠依靠我 And be someone you can depend on
放心把夢交給我 Don’t worry, give your dreams to me to hold

Oh我希望日出後 I hope when the sun rises
陽光能變得微弱3 The sunlight wanes
感覺會比較溫柔 So it feels more gentle
我會認真聽你說什麼 I will be a good listener
Da Da la Da la la la la*

學著不去對抗疼痛  To learn to not resist the pain
學著不去壓抑感動  Learn to not repress feelings

我希望日落後 I hope after the sun sets
能成為你的枕頭 I can be your pillow
讓你能夠依靠我 And be someone you can depend on
放心把夢交給我 Don’t worry, give your dreams to me to hold  

Oh 我希望日出後 I hope when the sun rises
陽光能變得微弱 The sunlight wanes
感覺會比較溫柔 So it feels more gentle
我會認真聽你說什麼 I will be a good listener  

找到了嗎 Have you found it
枯萎4的時候 When things wither 
願意灌溉的雙手 There is a pair of hands willing to water
發現了嗎 Have you realised by now
在啜泣的時候 When weeping
誰輕輕吻你的額頭 Who is gently kissing your forehead
托著你不再墜落 Holding you back from falling
抱著你不再閃躲 Embracing you when you try to hide
拉著你不再退後 Pulling on you to stop retreating
愛著你不再怕痛 When I love you I am no longer afraid of pain

天黑就期待煙火 When it gets dark I look forward to fireworks
染色一整片天空 Dyeing the entire skies
我們自在的沈默 Our comfortable silences
該有的好像都有 We have all that we need

心偶爾還會晃動 Sometimes our hearts still shake
但是漸漸有線索 But clues slowly appear

Da Da la Da la la la la


1 線索 (Xian4 Suo3) : Clues, hints

2 壓抑 (Ya1 Yi4) : To repress

3 微弱 (Wei1 Ruo4) : To slightly weaken or wane

4 枯萎 (Ku1 Wei1) : To wither