By Jocelle Koh

Known for his delicate and effortlessly sensitive style of songwriting, LGBTQI+ third-culture kid lewloh blends folk pop with Jazz to create moody realness on his latest single ‘galaxy’, a collaboration with NESS FRANCO.

As the final single leading up to his sophomore album ‘michigan/missinghim‘, ‘galaxy’ takes lew’s sound to a darker place than previous singles, employing a soundscape tiptoeing between ominous and awe-inspiring revolution.

A song about fighting the anxiety that comes when things are going too well in a relationship, combining the innocuous lyrics with the darker arrangement creates a sense of self-denial and complexity that leaves us unsure where we stand in this haunting narrative.

Of the song, lewloh shared:

“‘galaxy’ was written during the honeymoon phase of a past relationship. It’s about having to
navigate being present in the good moments but also a reminder to remain realistic with your
expectations. I wrote this with NESS FRANCO, and we were excited to combine their jazz background
with my folk pop sound.”

Diving deeper into his explorations of love from a more mature and wary perspective, ‘galaxy’ pre-empts the theme of lew’s sophomore album ‘michigan/missinghim’ which tells a story of a love that is scarred but beautiful nonetheless.

The album drops August 27th, but for now, let’s check out ‘galaxy’ together.