Taiwanese band Sodagreen is now known as Oaeen. photo: Greeny Wu / Instagram.

By Jocelle Koh

It’s the end of an era for Taiwanese legendary band Sodagreen as we know it.

One of the most well-loved indie bands of the last quarter of a century, the indie outfit have turned over a new leaf, changing their name to ‘Oaeen 魚丁糸‘ over a name trademark dispute with previous boss and producer Will Lin 林暐哲.

The change was a result of an ongoing legal battle over the ownership of the band’s music, resulting in the band officially changing their name to a little moniker used back in the day.

A quirky name which is derived from sub-characters that make up the overall name of SOdAgrEEN (with 魚 derived from 蘇, 丁 derived from 打, and 糸 derived from 綠), the name was previously used as a pen name to send in a demo for Sodagreen’s memorable performance at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival in 2016. To the band’s surprise, their submission was accepted, thus going down in Sodagreen folklore.

The band’s members have even changed their stage names, with frontman Qing Feng now going by ‘日出 Sunrise’, drummer Wei 小威  going by 八女 BaNu, bassist Claire Hsieh 馨儀 going by ‘香我 Fragrant Me’, pianist/violinist 阿龔 Agong/Zephyr going by ‘金八Jinba’, and guitarist Jia-Kai/Kay 家凱 going by 豕豆 Stone.

However, the band seems to be taking things well into their stride, announcing a showcase on the 31st of July to unveil their new personas at Huashan cultural park which was sold out in 3 hours.

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