Level Up with Jocelle Koh

A podcast for independent artists navigating the Asian music industry.

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Hosted by Asian Pop Weekly founder and industry hustler Jocelle Koh, Level Up is a podcast aimed at helping independent artists navigate the Asian music industry. Informed by a wealth of experience in speaking and working with artists in the Greater China and Southeast Asian music scenes, the ‘Level Up’ podcast seeks to empower artists to make decisions about their music business independently, and to help artists to ‘level up’ in their own unique way.

Be it:

  • Getting noticed by a label that could take you to the next level
  • Realising that ‘you can do this!’ and taking charge of your indie music business
  • Building a team that’s right for you
  • Finding new, sustainable avenues of monetisation
  • Successfully launching a presence on a new platform
  • and more…

There is no one correct answer to defining how you “Level Up”, but we hope this podcast will empower you to find a definition of it that’s right for you!

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Looking forward to levelling up with you on the next one!