By Hsiao Hsuan Chen

The Golden Indie Music Award(GIMA) announced the 11th full list of nominees on the 17th of September, with a total of 2,727 works participating this year. The new awards category “Asian Original Music Award” attracted international artists from Asia to participate, breaking the language barrier is an important breakthrough for GIMA to move towards the world.

Rapper Soft Lipa 蛋堡, dynamic singer-songwriter YELLOW , and Metalcore band FUTURE AFTER A SECOND became the highlights of this year after being nominated for five nods, while Hakka bard Misa 米莎 and Paiwan singer ABAO 阿爆(阿仍仍)solidify their repertoire in the mother tongue scene.

In the magic album 戇仔船 The Ship of Fools‘, Misa uses jazz, folk songs, reggae, rock and roll to blend Hakka in ways we’ve never heard. While ABAO introduces Paiwan heritage through gospel, pop, electronic, and R&B in her groundbreaking album ‘母親的舌頭 kinakaian’.

The “Outstanding Contribution Award” was awarded to legendary live venue-Witch House 女巫店 and its founder, Peng Yujing 彭郁晶, for her unique position in nurturing Taiwanese creative musicians, tolerating diverse creations, and promoting gender equality for 20 years. Thanks to her, Witch House continues to provide a stage for new indie artists just like how this small venue influenced Cheer Chen, Deserts Chang, and Sandee Chan in its early years.

It’s noteworthy that the nominees of the “Asia original Music Awards” are full of international rising stars, such as Japanese-British singer-songwriter and cultural icon Rina Sawayama and  Indonesian weird superstar Rich Brian. This echoes the importance of international competitiveness this year, boding well for GIMA’s place on the international stage.

See below for a full list of nominations for the 2020 Golden Indie Awards:

最佳專輯獎 Best Album Award
《戇仔船 The Ship of Fools》/米莎 Misa
《作弊人生Beat Maker》/Chick en Chicks
《失物之城 Hypnocity 》/許哲珮 Peggy Hsu
《家常音樂 Home cookin》/蛋堡 Soft Lipa
《母親的舌頭 kinakaian》/阿爆(阿仍仍)ABAO

最佳樂團獎 Best Group Award
滅火器 Fire Ex./《無名英雄 Stand Up Like A Taiwanese》
當代電影大師 Modern Cinema Master/《狀態》
No-nonsense Collective 無妄合作社/《二十一世紀的破青年 21st Century Post Youth》
荷爾蒙少年 Hormone Boys/《黑色台北 Urban Noir》

最佳創作歌手獎 Best Songwriter Award
米莎 Misa /《戇仔船 The Ship of Fools 》
羅妍婷YenTing Lo/《葉片之上 Epiphyllum 》
許哲珮 Peggy Hsu/《失物之城 Hypnocity》
蛋堡 Soft Lipa /《家常音樂 Home Cookin》
王嘉儀 Sophy/《殘 HARSH》
阿爆(阿仍仍)ABAO/《母親的舌頭 kinakaian》

最佳新人(團)獎 Best New Artist (Group) Award
9m88/《平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity》
羅妍婷 YenTing Lo/《葉片之上 Epiphyllum 》
熱寫生 Heat Sketch/《豆皮少年 Yuba Youth Pt.1》
夢東 Mong Tong/《秘神 Mystery》
持修 Chih Siou /《房間裡的大象 Elephant in the Room》

最佳樂手獎 Best Musician Award
蘇聖育 Sam Su /《Ciao Bella》/Saxophone
李秉諺 Nicky/《OFiN》/Guitar
謝明諺 Minyen Hsie/《離峰時刻 OFF PEAK HOURS》/Saxophone
陳穎達 Ying-Da Chen /《離峰時刻 OFF PEAK HOURS》/Guitar
大竹研 Ohtake Ken/《Ken》/Guitar
小雞 Tzu-Heng Chuang/《前方的路 The Forward Road》/Drum
陳彥丞 Devlin Chen /《馬戲團 CIRCUS FEVER》/Drum
曹瑋 Marcus Tsao/《馬戲團 CIRCUS FEVER》/Bass

最佳現場演出獎 Best Live Act
《美秀集團《八寶山》演唱會 The Great Paradisiacal Mountain》/美秀集團 Amazing Show
《Autumn Attack 2019》/FUTURE AFTER A SECOND
《Leo王 2019 Simple Urban現場演出 Leo Wang 2019 Simple Urban》/Leo王 Leo Wang
《YELLOW 2019 大團誕生年終回顧場 2019 The Next Big Thing Year-end Comeback 》/YELLOW
《Legacy Presents【2019 都市女聲】魏如萱 waa wei〈藏著不等於遺忘〉台北加場 Legacy Presents Hidden, Not Forgotten》/魏如萱 waa wei

亞洲創作音樂獎 Asian Original Music
《19FACT》/sorane (空音)(日本)
《2ND GALAXY》/Nulbarich(JP)
《The Sailor》/Rich Brian(ID)
《ena mori》/ena mori(PH)
《SAWAYAMA》/Rina Sawayama(JP)

最佳搖滾專輯獎 Best Rock Album Award
《遜到簡直是個藝術品 The Art of Embarrassment》/傷心欲絕  Wayne’s So Sad
《無名英雄 Stand Up Like A Taiwanese》/滅火器 Fire Ex.
《黑色台北 Urban Noir》/荷爾蒙少年 Hormone Boys
《不完整的村莊 The Village.》/淺堤 Shallow Levée

最佳搖滾單曲獎 Best Rock Song Award
〈台北流浪指南 Wanderer Guide In Taipei)〉/《遜到簡直是個藝術品 The Art of Embarrassment》/傷心欲絕  Wayne’s So Sad
〈無名英雄 Stand Up Like A Taiwanese〉/《無名英雄 Stand Up Like A Taiwanese》/滅火器 Fire Ex.
〈塞 Tuck〉/《NEMO》/JADE
〈二十一世紀的破青年 21st Century Post Youth〉/《二十一世紀的破青年 21st Century Post Youth》/無妄合作社 No-nonsense Collective
〈在船底掻癢 Underwater Ticking〉/《豆皮少年 Yuba Youth Pt.1》/熱寫生Heat Sketch

最佳另類流行專輯獎 Best Alternative Album Award
《平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity》/9m88
《失物之城 Hypnocity》/許哲珮 Peggy Hsu
《殘 HARSH》/王嘉儀 Sophy
《房間裡的大象 Elephant in the Room》/持修 Chih Siou

最佳另類流行單曲獎 Best Alternative Song Award
〈深深地 Abyssal zone〉/《給天王星Dear Uranus》/鄭宜農 Enno Cheng
〈杯子 Glass 〉/《PORTAL》/渣泥 ZANI
〈離別曲 Farewell, Farewell, Farewell〉/《失物之城 Hypnocity》/許哲珮 Peggy Hsu
〈24 Years Old of You〉/《24 Years Old of You》/I Mean Us
〈獨上 C 樓 feat. 范曉萱 Once In A Blue Moon feat. Mavis Fan〉/《馬戲團 CIRCUS FEVER》/YELLOW
〈彼個所在 Heaven〉/《藏著不等於遺忘 Presents Hidden, Not Forgotten》/魏如萱 waa wei
〈少女 Otomen〉/《少女 Otomen》/林宥嘉 Yoga Lin

最佳嘻哈專輯獎 Best Hip Hop Album Award
《#ChillChillAlIGood》/許時 ShiShr
《家常音樂 Home Cookin》/蛋堡 Soft Lipa
《Earlier This Morning》/國蛋 GorDoN
《像我們這樣的騙子 Liars Like Us》 – 張伍 Chang Wu

最佳嘻哈單曲獎 Best Hip Hop Song Award
〈走馬看花 Bachelor in Distress〉/《#ChillChillAlIGood》/許時 ShiShr
〈剃刀 RAZOR〉/《巷子内 The Alley》/J.Sheon
〈雞公乒乓跳 Hopping Cock〉/《家常音樂 Home Cookin 》/蛋堡 Soft Lipa
〈白天看腦晚上看牙 Neurosurgical Treatment During the Day. Dental Cure At Night.〉/《家常音樂 Home Cookin 》/蛋堡 Soft Lipa
〈不自殺聲明 No Suicide Statement〉/《不自殺聲明 No Suicide Statement》/金其禾 Dudu King
〈U sTuPiD feat. ØZI〉/《U sTuPiD feat. ØZI》/Karencici

最佳節奏藍調專輯獎 Best R&B Album
《唐貓 Sugarcat》/唐貓 Sugarcat
《ØZI: The Album》/ØZI
《Me In Dat Blue》/LINION

最佳節奏藍調單曲獎 Best R&B Song
〈Aim High〉/《平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity》/9m88
〈糖衣 Dan Hsueh〉/《太安靜 Too Quiet》/薛詒丹 Dan Hsueh
〈輸情歌 Ballad〉/《巷子内 The Alley》/J.Sheon
〈Fever〉/《5 am》/吳卓源 Julia Wu

最佳民謠專輯獎 Best Folk Album
《看望 Longing》/飛鴻 FayeHong
《戇仔船 The Ship of Fools》/米莎 Misa
《上鄉 Going Up to The Country 》/黃子軒與山平快 Zixuan & Slow Train
《七天 Seven Days》/陳昇 Bobby Chen
《氣息 Sasela’an》/阿洛 Ado

最佳民謠單曲獎 Best Folk Song
〈樹憶 The Tree & the Memories〉/《 自己 Yourself 》/曾雅君
〈1984〉/《戇仔船 The Ship of Fools》/米莎 Misa
〈Traveling With The Stars〉/《Ken》/大竹研 Ohtake Ken
〈換工歌 Mipaliw〉/《氣息 Sasela’an》/Ado 阿洛
〈好好走 Alian〉/《好好走 Alian》/BOXING 葛西瓦 & Matzka

最佳電音專輯獎 Best Electronic Album Award
《作弊人生 Beat Maker 》/Chick en Chicks
《____w/ me.》/DinPei
《Expansion ROM》/3R2 & fish.the
《Medic》/Wring Out Laura

最佳電音單曲獎 Best Electronic S

ong Award
〈非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space〉/《Flow,Gesture, and Spaces》/非/密閉空間 Non-Confined Space
〈哪吒 Nalakuvara〉 /《觀 Guan》 /笑琴 Chill Qin
〈Iridescent Vision Feat. Taj Raiden〉/《Iridescent Vision Feat. Taj Raiden》/Sonia Calico
〈舉刀自盡 Back to Heaven〉/《Project Krane》/G5SH
〈嚇一跳 minetjus feat. Oberka〉/《 母親的舌頭 kinakaian 》/阿爆(阿仍仍)ABAO

最佳爵士專輯獎 Best Jazz Album Award
《Ciao Bella》/蘇聖育 Organ3 樂團
《葉片之上 Epiphyllum》/羅妍婷  Yen Ting Lo
《離峰時刻 OFF PEAK HOURS》/陳穎達四重奏 Ying Da Chen

最佳爵士單曲獎 Best Jazz Song Award
〈如果可以 If I Could〉/《平庸之上 Beyond Mediocrity》/9m88
〈多出來的這五分鐘 The 5 Minutes In Between〉/《葉片之上 Epiphyllum》/羅妍婷  YenTing Lo
〈一旦結束這一切 Once This All Ends〉/《離峰時刻 OFF PEAK HOURS》/陳穎達四重奏
〈貝爾不等式 |Pxz-Pzy|≤1+Pxy〉/《Flow, Gesture, and Spaces》/非/密閉空間Non-Confined Space
〈中午 El Mediodia〉/《時日 Es Hoy》/Musa

特別貢獻獎 Special Contribution Award
彭郁晶 Yujing Peng

Winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held on 31st October 2020 at Taipei Music Center.

Nominees list first published in Taiwan Beats.