By Sinead

Being forced to put a hold on live performances due to the pandemic, Taiwanese indie darling Enno Cheng 鄭宜農 has been busy both preparing for her new album as well as connecting with her fans virtually.

After gracing our screens back in March alongside labelmates Fire EX. 滅火器 as part of the online SXSW showcase, the one-woman band is beaming herself back into our living rooms on the 24th July (this Saturday!) with a made-for-headphones concert called “Sense Organ“.

“Being whole is not about being able to do everything or knowing everything or never being scared. In fact it’s the opposite, it’s about how we’re constantly negotiating our relationship with the world, our vulnerability and our perseverance”. Such is the inspiration behind the veteran’s latest project, “Enno Cheng 2021 Online Tour – Sense Organ” (in the Mandarin “Complete” 完人).

Featuring producer ChunHow, who worked on the composition of the new tracks which will be showcased in this event, it promises to be a unique auditory experience from one of APW’s Worldly Women of 2021. She explains “being whole is being willing to feel and communicate the world and yourself” and her concert promises to do just this, bringing her and her fans together despite being apart.

Check out the iNDIEVOX page for more info about the event and ticketing.