Foreword by Jocelle Koh
Playlist Notes by Matter Halo

Disrupting the buzz and chatter of contemporary landscapes, Indonesian Folk/Country/Pop outfit Matter Halo have returned with new seafaring album “NIGHTVISION” which seeks to take listeners away from it all. Going back to basics, the album’s cinematic and ambient vibe takes the band and its listeners on a trip back through some of the early influences of the band, featuring everything from Minang pop to music from the 60’s.

Similarly, we invited the band to extend the vibe of their album past the record itself; and to these very artists and melodies that had such a significant impact on their earliest musical memories. Name-dropping everything from Japanese anime music to the earthy sounds of Peter Gabriel, and of course to the bands of their adolescence (Sheila On 7), the duo takes us on a weightless journey through a soundscape devoid of conflict and confusion – nothing but good vibes here.

Track 01: Runway Lights – Matter Halo
The sensation of nostalgia and music that invites the listener to dance are the two essences that Matter Halo also wants to convey in this song, for us, it’s a really great song to start the day – Gani

Track 02: ルージュの伝言 – Yumi Arai
I found this song when I saw a Japanese ani by Studio Ghibli called “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, as instant as the soundtrack played, I can’t hold my body to twist dancing to the song, imagine how this kind of rockabilly music was popular in the 60s-70s, everybody there must have been having a lot of fun. – Ibnu

Track 03: In the Room (feat. Elly Kasim) – Matter Halo
Stumbled upon on Indonesian music archives from 70s, especially by Elly Kasim & Zaenal Combo, we caught up with the scene called Minang Pop. The synth, the beat, the texture, it’s so much fun that we really enjoyed it so much and shame on me as a Minang background to just realised this late, this is why we wanted to recreate and channeling this kind of experience to the audience at the present time through the new album. We feel very lucky to have the local legend from this particular scene herself Elly Kasim to be involved in the making of this song. – Ibnu

Track 04: Shaking the Tree – Peter Gabriel
This song, define and introduce us of to how world music sounds like, the universal range of love and the strong feeling of humanity, you can hear a piece of this essence in our music “In the Room”. – Gani

Track 05: Red Light – Matter Halo
‘Red Light’ is musically inspired from the sound of Brian Eno, The Jesus of Mary Chain, Joy Division, The Blue Nile, The Beatles, Roxy Music to Rex Orange County, in the other side we played a karaoke scene from Sofia Coppola’s 2003 “Lost In Translation” film and an installation video from youtube called “Beautiful Dance of Air” while we produced this song to set up the mood that we are looking for. – Ibnu

Track 06: The Downtown Light – The Blue Nile
The Blue Nile is a classic local band that Ibnu found when he was studying abroad in Scotland, since then, this band became so important to us, everything about them especially their album called “Hats” is simply beautiful, its like the sounds of pure love wrapped in a song. – Gani

Track 07: Sebuah Kisah Klasik – Sheila On 7
Sheila On 7 is our local hero in Indonesia, we were growing up listening to this band, maybe almost every young kids from 90s-early 2000s have the same experience to us, maybe you can’t understand the lyrics if you’re not a native speaker from Indonesia, but you might still enjoy and have the sense of joy while listening to their music.

Track 08: No Exit – Matter Halo
“No Exit” is an energetic New Wave & Electronica track. This experiment brings out our high school years inner-punk that we have never shared to the public until now. When we listened to the result, everything came out very organic, meaningful and energetic and we can’t wait to play this track live. – Gani

Track 09: Making Flippy Floppy – Talking Heads
Talking Heads is one of the pioneer who started New Wave era, everything is so energetic and fun while they are preaching about issues of life, it’s so fun we were kind of born in the era after that, it’s really hard to find this kind of music nowadays but we think that everyone needs a little bit push of energy to keep going these days, therefore we think that we love to bring back new wave again through our song “No Exit”. – Ibnu

Track 10: An Ending (Ascent) – Brian Eno
One of our main hero in our lives and musical journey, Brian Eno have been inspiring us through his Ambient music since our first album, his music introduced us into ambient music and how it is so enjoyable for our daily life, so maybe by sharing this we can introduce you the glimpse of magnificent and beautiful world of ambient music. – Gani

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