Foreword by Jocelle Koh
Playlist Notes by Fran法蘭

Photos provided by Fusion Bomb 非常棒

Mysterious, fantastical, otherworldly; these are all the things that dreams are to Frande band’s lead vocalist Fran法蘭. A source of inspiration to her for its fluid, ever-changing nature, her own take on the topic is best depicted in her new song “在夢裏” featured in Golden Horse-nominated film “Dear Tenant 親愛的房客“, for which she scored the soundtrack in its entirety.

From meandering, dreamy acoustic tracks to minimalist or murky soundscapes that widen the imagination, the freewheeling creative takes us on a journey through the abstract, many faces of the dreamscape as told by her. Whether asleep or awake, Fran turns to these songs to quiet her mind and find spaces for self-reflection. We hope her picks will do the same for you too!

Track 01: Like Someone In Love – Björk
Björk is my goddess, this is an early work of hers; plain yet so beautiful; like a dream sending out beams of light. She sings of recently finding herself, looking towards the stars, listening to the sounds of the guitar. Like a person who recently fell in love, all of these actions astonish me, when you are by my side.

Track 02: Midnight, The Stars and You – Deerhoof
An indie band from the States, this song’s atmosphere is like a dreamscape, mysterious and yet with the darkness of night, like a beautiful secret that no one knows about.

Track 03: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space -Spiritualized
An English psychedelic band, when the talking starts in the intro, I feel like I’ve been hypnotised, taken on a trip to traverse space. Dreaming a slow flying dream, within which one struggles over some love. So romantic!

Track 04: Dreams – Nuages
I listen to this song a lot before bed, especially when I want to dream of something very far away from real life. Turn my dreams into nutrition for my creations, this is a method I really like.

Track 05: Harvest Moon – Cassandra Wilson
This song is a cover, written by Canadian musician Neil Young. I heard this version in Wong Kar-Wai’s movie “My Blueberry Nights” and really liked this version’s atmospheric design. Every voice’s appearance is unbelievably beautiful, like a dream.

Track 06: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face – George Michael
This is also a cover song, the original is an old classic from the 1960s, but this version has accompanied me to fall asleep for many years. Singing sweet nothings that are too gentle and too beautiful, unreal just like a dream, but I like listening to it.

Track 07: 在夢裏 – 法蘭
This song is part of movie “Dear Tenant”s soundtrack, like a last big hug. Stories will continue happening, and passing us by. The home that we accept in our hearts will never be destroyed and will not leave us, even if the skies separate us forever in separate worlds.

Track 08: By This River – Brian Eno
I listen to this when I can’t sleep, the lyrics are light, and the music is very minimalist. But when I listen to it, it has a kind of loneliness that embraces hope and light, a serene beauty. Like when scattered snapshots of daily life appear in your dreams; piecing these quiet moments together allow me to feel my presence.

Track 09: Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead
They say that life is like a dream, that is the feeling that I get from this song’s atmosphere. Sci-fi movie “I Origins” uses this song in its closing moments; the cycle of life, the inheritance and preserving of consciousness; these mystical forces that we cannot understand fascinate me.

Track 10: Goodnite Mr. Sweetheart – Röyksopp
An electronic band from Norway. There was one time I had a dream I really liked, when I woke up I refused to let go of it, I tried to find songs like it which could help me to recall it, and remember it, and this is exactly that song! When I’m cycling or hanging out I often listen to it, as the wind blows all other people or things pass by me lightly, a harmless loneliness that makes me happy. If life were a dream…

“Dear Tenant’ is in cinemas in Taiwan from 10/23 onwards. A tenant who takes care of his elderly landlady and 9 year-old grandson may seem like odd behaviour, but this, in fact is the way that he mourns and remembers what is no longer.