By Jocelle Koh

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Kalabebe is a breath of fresh air on the indie pop scene. Having released a slew of singles since 2020 such as the melancholy “Such a fool” and off-kilter lo-fi hip–hop/soul inspired “Loading…”, Kalabebe traverses all sorts of genres and textures in her quietly groovy yet reflective sound. Now, she’s settled nicely into a feel-good pocket of vibes on her latest EP “Be My Guest”. Featuring elements of bossa nova, folk and ambient electronica, her whisperings of sweet nothings have us resting on cloud nine.

Singing mostly in English to render it more accessible for wider listeners, Kalabebe has created a playlist based on the theme ‘Be My Guest’ to invite you into the soundscape that inspired her cozy EP. She says:

“Be my guest! Welcome to the party in my room! I chose some easy-listening, cozy songs that would cheer you up.”

Featuring some personal favourites including gems by Lolo Zouaï, Maddie Jay, Corner Club and Biig Piig, her myriad of influences from lo-fi hip-hop to bossa nova and rap, there’s so much to explore about Kalabebe’s ever-evolving sound and we’re here for it.

Track 01: ok time – Corner club
I stumbled upon this song on Spotify. It’s a really straightforward and cute song. You’ll just bob your head and make an “OK” with your hands right after you hear the tune.

Track 02: Galipette – Lolo Zouaï
This song is recommended by my producer Mason. We really like the exotic, holiday feeling of the hook. Besides, the twists and turns between different parts are wild and bold, the whole song sounds like taking a roller coaster from heaven to hell.

Track 03: Lucy – Still Woozy, ODIE
I’m really into Still Woozy’s music! His music sounds so colorful like looking at a painting. There’re many unexpected both in arrangement and melody. Listening to his music is always fun.

Track 04: Lunch Break – Maddie Jay
The vocal and sound choices in this are very rich and cute. Lyrics are just like my whining inside.

Track 05: Siesta Freestyle – Lewis OfMan feat. Alicia te quiero
It’s a song for dancing with a catchy synth riff. Lewis OfMan’s music always has this indescribable sense of humor, which is really fetching.

Track 06: Perdida – Biig Piig
I really admire Biig Piig because she’s good at both singing and rapping. Listening to her music feels like lounging in the same room, sharing those private feelings with her. Laid-back lofi beats with her soothing voice, if you feel like doing nothing but zoning out, just play this song.

Track 07: Tú – maye
I really like the cozy, romantic vibe. This is the song I would play when I’m dancing while cleaning up my room on the weekend.

Track 08: Flash – Kalabebe
Want to recommend my own song because I really like this tune from my new EP〈Be My Guest〉. I didn’t think much when I was writing, I just want to tell people how important you mean to me in a very plain and straightforward way. This song is full of love!

Track 09: You, Dear – Eloise
I instantly fell for her music the first time I listened to them. The song arrangement of her music are not complicated, but her voice and songwriting are really charming, sincere, and fluent. I listen to her album from time to time, you can never get tired of listening.

Track 10: Breathe – Télépopmusik, Angela McCluskey
This song is your best choice when you feel like resetting yourself in the morning or want to change your mood.