By Jocelle Koh

From the 2019 Japan heatwaves to the bushfires in Australia earlier this year, 2020 has not exactly gotten off to a great start. But it would be ignorant to say that the world has made no progress at all towards environmental sustainability and healing the Earth. With more and more countries working towards plastic waste bans, progress being made towards saving the coral reef, and general attitudes towards environmental consciousness slowly but surely changing, things are improving.

But it is still too early to rest on our laurels. For those of us who have the luxury of being in a safe, comfortable space this Earth Hour (28th of March, 8:30pm-9:30pm your local time), join us in switching off the lights and raising awareness for the environment. If you’re indoors during this period, add this to your list of productive activities to do! Supporting the movement in our own uniquely Mandopop way, we’ve curated the perfect Environment-themed Mandopop playlist (with a meditative walkthrough) to pass the time with the lights out. Happy Earth Hour!

Playlist Walkthrough
Starting off with a willowy, earthy track by Leaf Yeh 葉穎 (生滅) that starts off with its fingers deep in the soil, a few mellow tracks later, Hebe Tien 田馥甄‘s ‘懸日‘ marks a turning point where ambling guitar pluckings and atmospheric strings take us on a journey that trails in the dirt with some hops and jumps in preparation for lift-off.

The soundscape takes flight slowly but surely in John Stoniae 知更‘s ‘風箏/白雲 – O系列‘ , buoyed by atmospheric backing vocals which give the sensation of being airborne. We reach a certain state of reflection with Sue 蘇運瑩‘s ‘生活倒影‘ where her lilting vocals and unique trills add vibrance to a reflective soundscape.

Followed by Wang Leehom 王力宏‘s sentimental yet homely ‘落葉歸根‘, Diana Wang 王詩安 brings us life with her atmospheric ode to the environment on ‘Space Farm 太空農場‘, reminding us always to choose kindness over all else. Zooey Wonder brings up the tail end of the playlist with her pastel-coloured utopia on ‘Wonderland‘, serving as a constant reminder that you can always choose to see the good in life.